St. Anne's Helper Catholic First Communion Catechism Copybook

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Our Catholic First Communion Catechism Copybook includes all the main answers and prayers that you need for First Communion. It has both the manuscript and cursive writing files, two for one. Your choice. Perfect for handwriting practice!

First Communion Catechism Copybook Details

  • St. Anne's Helper Catechism First Communion Copybook Manuscript & Cursive Ebook - 62 + 60 fully reproducible pages.
  • Same track by track numbering as the Audio CD.
  • Use these to help memorization and to have easy printable handwriting worksheets.
  • We've newly added the cursive writing version of the same text. Two for one! Same price.
  • 62 page Manuscript 
  • And 60 Pages Cursive Writing Worksheets 

Catechism Copybook Download - 2 for 1 

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First Communion Copybook Samples

122 Page Download Two Files: Manuscript and Cursive - $14.98 

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First Communion Audio
Baltimore Catechism For Children And Adults

Catholic First Communion

Catholic First Communion is the picture of what we treasure about our Catholic Faith. It is the first moment that we are so closely united to Jesus Christ. We've prepared for months and are ready for the perfect day.

If you're a catechist or a parent, our copybook helps you with teaching the main Roman Catholic prayers for children, the Catholic Ten Commandments and the answers to the Baltimore Catechism questions used for First Communion and First Confession. Start now or prepare for teaching next year.

If you are a catechumen, meaning that you're an adult learning the truths of the Faith,  and you want an easy way to learn the basics in preparation for Baptism and First Communion, you'll only need the audio or the ebooklet

What is a Catholic First Communion?

It is the first time a Catholic receives the Holy Eucharist, whether one is a child or an adult. Our First Communion day is the happiest day since the time of our Baptism, because we finally have union with Jesus. Children love that they can do as Mom and Dad and this is a huge honor, so Catholics usually dress their best and celebrate after the Mass and pictures.

Ever since the time of Baptism a Catholic goes to Mass every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation. First Communion is a long awaited event with quite a bit of study compared to some of the other Catholic sacraments.

Adults and children who are blessed to live in a family that says the family Rosary already know most of the Catholic prayers, but usually need to learn the Catholic Ten Commandments so they can make a good First Confession. They then learn the basic Catholic beliefs about the seven Catholic sacraments in the rest of the catechism. It's super short, so be encouraged.  The main thing to "know" is that the Host is Jesus after the Consecration at Mass.


When teaching children about Communion, "It is heartbreaking to look out over the class to see so many who will not have help learning their prayers!" How will they be able to prepare well for a holy First Communion?

Send them home with these easy worksheets for practice. Yes, you do not pay extra to use these for any class you teach.

Learning the Roman Catholic prayers is easy with enough repetition. Most of the prayers that we learn for First Communion are in the Catholic Rosary: the Apostle's Creed, the Our Father Prayer, the Hail Mary, and the Glory Be. Many of us can memorize the Hail Mary in the first Rosary since there are 53 Hail Marys in a five decade Rosary. Easy.

122 Page Download with BOTH Manuscript and Cursive - $14.98 

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