First Communion
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Use interactive catechism worksheets with your favorite fontscolors, and SIZES.

A First Holy Communion coloring page makes the memories so much happier. See below for boys' and girls' coloring pages related to the Holy Eucharist.

Remember to leave the dresses white and color the background. Boys' suits can be all white, too, but they're more fun to color. :-)

If your little artist is older, the effect of white can be given with super light blue and very light purple outlines. It gives visual appeal. I've found that I usually have to demonstrate this on my own copy first.

Gold colors work well on Father's vestments and the altar. If you do not have a true gold crayon or coloring pencil, yellow, orange and sometimes tan look nice.

First Communion Coloring Pages

Holy Eucharist Coloring Pages

Boy First Holy Communion Pictures

Girl First Holy Communion Pictures

First Communion is the most dear day of our lives throughout many years, and rightly so.

This is the day that we first receive Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Make keepsake booklets with our printable worksheets and coloring pages to honor this event.

You can make inexpensive First Communion cards by using the booklet setting on your printer. Little ones love doing this for older brothers and sisters and other family and friends.

Uncolored First Communion Coloring Page
Before - Boy First Communion Coloring Page
After - Boy Kneeling First Communion Coloring Page - Leave the suit white if you like :-)

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