200+ Catholic Coloring Pages To Print

Beautiful Catholic Coloring Pages To Print Through The Year!

There are over 200 free Catholic coloring pages to print from the many links on this page to other pages on this site.

You can download them free from those pages or you can download them all at one time as an ebook download complete with files for the different seasons and selections like Advent, Christmas, Easter.

  • Bonus: Over 300 pages with generic themes such as the four seasons, animals, and flowers, etc. all for the same price.

New! After you download your copy you can type titles, greetings, messages, and instructions directly on the pages. Use the Typewriter function in Adobe Reader.

  • Customize with your favorite fontscolors, and sizes.

This is so handy on holy days, feast days, and other holidays for greeting cards, feast day cards, and birthdays. Enjoy!

Saint Anne's Helper Coloring pages to print: Catholic, Christmas, Easter, holidays, patriotic, flowers, animals.Saint Anne's Helper Coloring Pages To Print

Bonus: 300 Fun Coloring Page Themes!

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Buy St. Anne's Helper's Coloring Pages to receive:

  • Over 200 specifically Catholic coloring pages including saints, etc.
  • New! All are interactive. Add messages!
  • Customize with your favorite fontscolors, and sizes.
  • Easy to navigate PDF files.
  • Advent and Christmas.
  • Lent and Easter.
  • Bonus! Over 300 extra coloring pages with themes like: 
  • Animals, seasons, and patriotic coloring sheets.
Beautiful Catholic Coloring Pages To Print! Madona and Child, Mary holding Jesus, Jesus and the Children. Buy the download to receive over one hundred #CatholicColoringPagesOver 100 Catholic coloring pages to print: Jesus, Mary, Joseph, saints, churches, and more.

Sunday School And Bible Coloring Pages

Saint Anthony Coloring Page To PrintSaint Anthony Coloring Page

Saint Anne's Helper has a wonderful selection of Roman Catholic, seasonal, patriotic, sports, and secular images that you can use in your classroom or at home.

Religious, catechists, teachers, and parents love being able to mix and match images for their students and children throughout the year.

Traditional Catholic Jesus Coloring Pages To Print: Christ The KingCatholic Coloring Pages To Print
Girl First Communion Coloring Pages To PrintCatholic First Communion Coloring Pages
Confirmation - Holy Ghost coloring pages to print.Catholic Confirmation Symbols and Coloring

Many Catholic themes can be used with other themes. Holy days of obligation pages like Christmas and the Circumcision can be used to teach or honor the Mysteries of the Rosary, and Bible story coloring pages.

Animals like cows, sheep, and donkeys can be used with Christmas and Easter themes.

See our list of coloring pages below these images.

Church Coloring Pages to printChurches To Color
Baptism Coloring Page to Print: At The FontBaptism At The Font
Communion Coloring Page - Host and ChaliceHoly Eucharist
Confirmation Coloring Page - Printable Confirmation Invitations or CardsDescent of the Holy Ghost, Pentecost, and Confirmation Coloring Pages. Make greeting cards by using the booklet printer setting.
Jesus Christ the King coloring page to printColoring pages about Jesus.

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Catholic Catechism Coloring Ideas

Our Lady of Guadalupe coloring page to printOur Lady of Guadalupe Coloring Page Photo

Buying our downloadable PDF coloring pages to print is the handiest way to use them. You can:

  •  Print many copies for multiple students.
  • Use your printer booklet setting to create printable birthday cards and feast day cards
  • Use the printer "multiple" setting to print holy cards, pieces for Catholic games, etc.
  • Customize with your favorite fonts, colors, and sizes.
  • Print copies for classes in successive years. Once you buy it, you own it for your own use through the years. 'Same for catechism teachers.
  • Create personal booklets to give as gifts or party favors. Use report holders or spiral binding.
  • Create themed booklets for Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter, the Rosary, and secular themes.
  • Create saints , First Communion, and Rosary booklets.

Seasonal Coloring Pages To Print

Lent Coloring PagesLent Coloring Page

Some of these free coloring sheets are from church stained glass windows. Church windows show beautiful color pictures of Catholic saints, pictures of various stories from the different Catholic Bible books, and pictures about basic Catholic truths like Christmas traditions and the events before Easter Sunday.

Enjoy our collection of Catholic coloring pages to print your own custom coloring book or decorate a copy book or lap book.

Our goal is to help you make your Catholic catechism class come alive for your students and to help you incorporate the Catholic religion in all other classes! You can make your own Catholic workbooks with St. Anne's Helper First Communion and Confirmation Copybooks.

Our free coloring pages include many printable coloring sheets from Roman Catholic Bible stories and old Catholic books.

  • Catholic pages are fun to use many ways: 
  • Book report covers, 
  • Dress-up printable copybooks, 
  • Printable coloring books - give as gifts,
  • Busy-work for little ones, 
  • Gifts for grandparents and God-parents, 
  • Cut and past onto other projects.
  • The icons below open a new window with an 8.5x11 inch printable PDF that you can print or download to your own computer.
  • If you use the booklet setting on your printer, each page can be printed as a card.
  • If you use the multiples setting on your computer you can print each page as small images for holy cards, lapbooking and other projects.

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Free Sample Coloring Pages To Print

More Free Printable Coloring Pages To Print

Many of  our Saint Anne's Helper Catholic coloring pages to print are free on this site. Make your Catholic catechism class fun and memorable. Enjoy this alphabetical list!

As you are teaching about Advent and the coming of Jesus at Christmas use the Rosary and Joyful Mysteries pages; Lent use the Sorrowful Mysteries pages; Easter and Pentecost use the Glorious Mysteries.

When you are teaching about the Ten Commandments you can use the Bible pages.

Are there sacraments coming up? Use our Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation pages to teach about the sacraments or to make greeting cards.

An image of the Descent of the Holy Ghost upon the Apostles and the Blessed Virgin Mary (from the Glorious Mysteries or Pentecost files) is handy to use as a present from little ones for someone who is receiving the sacrament of Confirmation. Use your printer's booklet setting to print a Confirmation card. You can do the same with all our coloring sheets.

Have a holy day, saint's day, or feast day coming? Use the Rosary and saints pages. Not only can you print pages for many different saints, you can also make a booklet about the saint or feast day. You can also use your printer settings to print multiples to use as holy cards.

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Bonus! Fun Coloring Pages For Kids

Scores of fun coloring pages to print.BONUS: Other Wholesome Printables

Catholic Coloring Book Download $ 6.98


Hundreds of free coloring pages to print in many themes.Hundreds of wholesome coloring pages arranged in files.