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Our Lady Of Guadalupe Coloring Page

Our Lady of Guadalupe Image coloring pages. Happy feast day!Color Our Lady of Guadalupe coloring page, December 12. Happy feast day!

Celebrate Mary's feast December 12 with an Our Lady of Guadalupe coloring page. This has Juan Diego showing his tilma and it is based on an antique design. 

Our Lady is patroness of the Americas and is special to Mexico as that is where she appeared to Juan. PDF prints 8.5x11" single sided.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Picture of Juan Diego's Tilma with the miraculous image.Juan Diego's Tilma With the Miraculous Image.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Picture

Remember that several of the symbols in this picture are important to her message, even the colors on her robes. Her sash under her hands is black, a sign to the Indians that she was expecting Jesus. 

Rather than pre-color this black we've left her sash for your children to color so you can use it as a teaching moment for older children.

You'll find they love the details which is why I list some books below to help you learn the story.

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Our Lady of Guadalupe Image Books and Gifts

The Wonder of Guadalupe is a beautiful book that tells the history of the Spanish Conquest of Mexico and how the Catholics converted the Aztecs with the help of Our Lady's apparition in 1531. It proves that the picture on the tilma is not a painting. It is a miracle that it survives as a proof of her love for us. You can still visit the tilma in Mexico City today.

The Story of Guadalupe - A dear and precious book with very respectful images and a day by day story of Juan's trip to see his uncle and then the Bishop. The story does a good job revealing the surprise on Juan's tilma when he took Our Lady's roses to the Bishop. It has a lovely description of the devotion, and is perfect to read to children. [One or two pictures show her without her veil over her head.]

A Handbook On Guadalupe was highly recommended by Benedictine monks that tells the history of the miraculous tilma, gives a description of the symbols on the image, and even the pictures in her eyes that reflect the people in the room at the time of the miracle.

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Happy feast day!

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La Virgen de la Guadalupe is her title in Spanish and she is patroness of the Americas, especially Mexico.

She is also your patroness if you go to Our Lady of Guadalupe school, OLG Catholic Church, or her festival. We love to see the many organizations dedicated to her like Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel and Monastery away in the hills in New Mexico. 

Holy cards with Our Lady's image are lovely to give on her feast day or for all those named after her. Many will have a prayer on the back side and here are several Guadalupe prayers to her.

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