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There are several options on this page

  1. MP3 Audio Bible (Old and New Testament)
  2. MP3 New Testament only
  3. MP4 Audio Bible (Old and New Testament)
  4. MP4 New Testament only

Number 3 is my favorite as it can play everything if your player is compatible.

Audio Douay-Rheims Bible Downloads

You'll love this MP4 or MP3 audio Bible download! I do. Why?

  • It uses the Douay-Rheims Bible and Steve's voice is very good.
  • It is awesome for those who want to listen to the Bible or do not have time to read it.
  • Your children can use it as they do their Bible studies for school.
  • You can also listen to it while driving or doing light chores.
  • You can get the Old and the New Testaments or just the NT.

A very good priest said that we should all have read the Bible by the time we're adults. That's a daunting thought, especially for those of us without time or the necessary reading skills.

Douay-Rheims Bible MP4 or MP3 Audio Bible - Buy the New Testament or the Old Testament.MP3 Audio download of the Douay-Rheims: So great for high school and ambient listening!

Audio Catholic Bible Download

Well, time and reading please meet Catholic Bible download:

  • Ambient Listening: This recording makes it so you can listen to the Bible as you drive or do light chores.
  • High School Reading: You can also read while you listen. This is super helpful for high school students. and is how some of our children read the New Testament. We've proofed that this is a verbatim copy of the TAN Books version of the Douay.
  • Monastic or Conventual: Also, listening to the Catholic Bible is great spiritual reading during Lent. It is wonderful to listen to the readings of the Bible while eating dinner - just like the monasteries and convents do.
MP4 and MP3 Audio Bible of the Douay Rheims BibleMP3 Audio Bible of the Douay Rheims Bible - Awesome for high school Bible study!

How To Read The Bible?

So many times we freeze up at the thought of reading the Bible because of the long or foreign words.

  • Capharnaum anyone?
  • It looks like a huge book!
  • Relax. It's only many small books.

High school students really appreciate being able to listen to an MP3 audio Bible as they read.

Also, the MP4 also shows the words on some devices so you can read along. Listen to a sample below. 

Catholic MP3 Audio Bible Download Narrated By Steve Webb

Best Audio Catholic Bible Online!

Why is this the best audio Catholic Bible online? You can listen to the best Bible, the Douay-Rheims, when you like!

We are so happy to have this treasure ourselves. Steve has an excellent voice. It is refreshing that he reads the Bible so nicely. 

Steve's inflection helps you understand so much that it is a giant help to high school children with their Catholic Bible study.

We also enjoy reading our own Catholic Douay Rheims Bible book while we listen. This makes it "real" and you can say you've actually read the New Testament or even the whole Bible when it might otherwise have been impossible. 

It's the best money we've spent on school, five of our homeschoolers have used it.

Ben Barnes Commissioned Steve Web To Make This Recording

Here's the information that Ben Barnes has gathered about this most popular Douay Rheims Bible:

  • The Douay-Rheims Bible is a translation of the Catholic Bible from the Latin Vulgate into English undertaken by members of the English College, Douai. 
  • The New Testament was published in Reims (France) in 1582 - hence the less common name Douay Reims, in one volume with extensive commentary and notes, this translation was replaced by a revision undertaken by Bishop Richard Challoner; the New Testament in three editions 1749, 1750, and 1752; Challoner's New Testament was, however, extensively revised by Bernard MacMahon in a series of Dublin editions from 1783 to 1810; and these various Dublin versions are the source of some Challoner Bibles printed in the United States in the 19th Century, the Challoner revision of the Douay-Rheims is still often the Bible of choice of English-speaking Traditional Roman Catholics and has dozens of Imprimaturs. 

This recording compares to the version printed by Lepanto Press, Baronius Press, and Tan Books.

MP4 or MP3 Audio Bible - Your Choice

1. The Whole Bible:
Audio Douay Rheims Bible MP3 Or MP4

This MP3 audio Bible download of both the Douay Rheims Old and New Testaments is also available in MP4 format (audio/visual) as beautifully recorded by Steve Webb!

Often times you can listen to an MP4 on an MP3 player, this way you have both in case you ever want the words available in the future.

The text is on video with the MP4 format. So you can read as you listen! This is a giant help with Roman Catholic Bible study - listen as you drive or do light chores! Fantastic for high school and memorization.

MP4 BUY: DRB-O&NT audio/visual Bible With Lyrics $24.00

MP3 BUY: DRB-O&NT Audio Bible With Lyrics (requires plugin) $18.99

2. New Testament
Audio Douay-Rheims MP3 Audio Bible

If all you need is the New Testament, this audio Bible download is is the very well known and popular Bishop Challoner Douay Rheims Bible that has been beautifully recorded by Steve Webb

The text is on video, too. Read as you listen. This is a giant with Catholic Bible study and fantastic for high school read along.

MP4 Douay Rheims Bible Audio Bible With Lyrics $11.99

MP3 Douay Rheims Bible Audio Bible (may require plugin for lyrics - the text of the words) $10.99

There are two different products: the MP4 Audio Bible or the MP3.

  • If you buy the MP4, you can read along on a screen as you listen.
  • If you buy the MP3 you can copy it to a CD and listen to it on newer CD players that are MP3 compatible as in some cars.
  • You can listen to it as you read your Bible book like the one published by TAN Books.

So far as we have found, everything is word for word, exactly the same. You'll like Steve Webb's recording. Hear his voice and see the words in the free audio Bible sample above.

New Testament MP3 Audio Bible Features

This Audio Catholic Bible recording produced and narrated by Steve Webb of the New Testament is outstanding not only because of the quality of the narration but also of the lyrics function. 

Install a lyrics plugin on your media player or place the files on a MP3, iPod or iPhone, Smartphone, iTouch, or Desktop... that supports .lrc files and read the text as you hear the Inspired Word of God.

Buy the MP3 Douay Rheims Bible Audio Bible With Lyrics here $10.99

New Testament MP4 Audio Bible Features

The Douay-Rhiems New Testament Narrated by Steve Webb in MP4 Video format allows you to see the writen Word of God while hearing it.

This Bible makes it very easy to memorize the Holy Scripture and being in MP4 video format you can play it on almost any device, iPod and iTouch, Smartphone, Desktop and more. It needs no plugins for the video.

Buy the MP4 Douay Rheims Bible Audio Bible With Lyrics here $11.99

New Catholic Picture Bible Stories

Little ones love when you use the New Catholic Picture Bible like a photo album.

Share the Bible stories as if they are stories from your own life because they are. God wants to be part of our every day lives. :-)

Buy this picture Bible at Amazon.

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New Catholic Picture Bible Stories

Little ones love when you use the New Catholic Picture Bible like a photo album.

Share the Bible stories as if they are stories from your own life because they are. God wants to be part of our every day lives. :-)

Buy this picture Bible at Amazon.

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