Adult Catholic Catechism
Made Easier

One adult Catholic catechism is all you need to read as it does not take going through grade levels to learn the Catholic Faith. The Creed, Commandments, and prayers are most of it.

Audio Catechism Recordings

Volume One teaches the basics necessary for one's first reception of the Holy Eucharist. This volume gives an introduction to the first three Catholic sacraments that Catholics usually receive: Baptism, Penance, and Holy Eucharist.

Volume Two teaches the basics necessary for a preparation for Confirmation. This volume gives the basics necessary for all seven sacraments with an emphasis on Catholic Confirmation and the truths about the Blessed Trinity.

Both volumes teach the Catholic prayers, the Catholic Ten Commandments, and other basic Catholic beliefs as found in an adult Catholic Catechism. They include the questions most frequently asterisked to be memorized.

Read what Catholic priests and catechists have said.

My favorite is the Catechism of the Council of Trent (CCT). It has plenty of Biblical sources, too, and The Baltimore Catechism is based on it.

The Catechism Explained is also quite helpful as it is encyclopedic and has a much better Index than most old books. It is truly an adult Baltimore Catechism and also quotes Bible sources.

Need a short cut? We have Saint Anne's Helper audio downloads that teach the basic Catholic truths that serve as Catholic Cliffs notes, Catholicism 101.

Both volumes have the audio file and the text file on the same CD or Download so that you can make copies to use as you drive or do light chores and print the text to have the words handy, too.

Catechism of the Council of Trent

Solid adult Catholic catechism teaches doctrine plainly. The Roman Catholic Catechism, or the Catechism of Rome, is the Catechism of the Council of Trent. It is a joy to read both for marvel and for clarity. Did you ever hear about the General Judgment that:

"Those who depart this life sometimes leave behind them children who imitate their conduct, dependents, followers and others who admire and advocated their example, language and actions. Now by all these circumstances the rewards or punishments of the dead must needs be increased, since the good or bad influence of example, affecting as it does the conduct of many, is to terminate only with the end of the world. Justice demands that in order to form a proper estimate of all these good or bad actions and words a thorough investigation should be made. This, however, could not be without a general judgment of all men." (CCT, p. 82)

The General Judgment is not merely a simple revelation of our foul deeds! Our reward or punishment will be increased at that time! This gives us more encouragement to live right.

The Catechism Explained

The Catechism Explained (Amazon) is an adult Catholic catechism that explains the Baltimore Catechism (which was based on The Catechism of the Council of Trent). It uses the same basic questions from the Baltimore Catechism and expands with further doctrine, examples and anecdotes from history, especially from such saints as St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Augustine. 

Adult Catholic Catechism Spiritual Reading

The Douay-Rheims Bible

The Douay-Rheims Bible is my favorite for reading. It retains the Catholic vocabulary and tells the story beautifully. Check here for my list of several sources for this Bible.

The Sinner's Guide

The Sinner's Guide (Amazon) is a great book in an adult Catholic catechism program to fill in the details in the practical order. "Do I have the obligation to tell my employer this?" "Should I mention this to my friend?" This sort of book gives confidence that we can do what we are supposed to do, even in the face of temptation! The Sinner's Guide is a great book in an adult Catholic catechism program to fill in the details in the practical order. "Do I have the obligation to tell my employer this?" "Should I mention this to my friend?" This sort of book gives confidence that we can do what we are supposed to do, even in the face of temptation!

My Imitation of Christ

We have so many guides that are supposed to make our daily lives easier: MyComputer, MyDocuments, MyThis, MyThat. What about My Imitation of Christ (Amazon)? Is my own imitation recognizable? Can anyone tell that I am trying to imitate Our Lord Jesus Christ? This book does an excellent job of setting the standard in the spiritual life. It is said that it is the number one most popular book in sales behind the Bible! We can see why. It covers many topics not covered in most "self-help" books!

St. Anne's Helper Adult Catholic Catechism CDs

Listen while Driving!

It is nice to have help learning the basic Catholic beliefs like the Catholic Ten Commandments, Sacraments, and Prayers on audio downloads especially if you need to memorize them.

You can trust the material with these adult Catholic catechism CDs. St. Anne's Helper uses the Baltimore Catechism so that you can have confidence that the answers will always be true.

Think about it. The basic Catholic beliefs about the Catholic Eucharist and Confirmation NEVER change! You can have continuing confidence that you are teaching your students the Roman Catholic beliefs as the years progress.

The CDs come in white DVD boxes that will withstand many openings, many drops and falls, and even a bit of a coffee spill!

Another audio choice available is to order online and download your copy immediately.

An easy adult Catholic catechism uses St. Anne's Helper Audio CDs and downloads! The ability to review, alone, takes the pressure away from memorizing.

Our catechism CDs are "enhanced" which means that the audio and the text are reproducible from the same CD. They are easy for even a child to use since each question on the text file matches the track number on the same Audio CD. No need to buy a booklet.

Catholic Books Add To The Story

Many Catholic books add interest to a great adult Catholic catechism program.

Sometimes, if one is new to the Catholic Faith, it is nice to use some children's books to get a quick overview. We know adults who had never read through the Bible, yet knew the stories because they had read a Catholic Children's Bible (Amazon), although the best Bible study is A Practical Commentary on Holy Scripture, Knecht (Amazon). It covered so many questions I'd had and incorporates the catechism in the commentary. It also has an excellent Application at the end of each story - "How does your life compare?" "How do you practice these virtues?"

The greatest consolation we know in choosing an adult Catholic catechism is that they all cover the same material. Any good catechism covers the Articles of Faith in the Apostle's Creed, the Catholic Ten Commandments (yes it is different from the Protestant versions), the Catholic prayers - especially the Rosary and Mass prayers, and the (three Theological, four Cardinal, Seven Spiritual Works of Mercy, Seven Corporal Works of Mercy, etc.). The expansion of ideas on an adult level is the main difference between a child's catechism and an adult's.

Once you know the basic Catholic beliefs, and get them memorized, the rest of the information in a larger catechism fills in the story or gives the fuller Catholic doctrine.

The trick is to find a catechism that gives plain Catholic answers, especially during initial studies. Once you make a comparison between books as to whether they concur with the timeless Roman Catholic Catechism you can relax in your choice of books. If the principles are true, you have a good book! One cannot always depend on the Imprimatur, see Blessed Pope Pius IX's encyclical Pascendi paragraph 60.

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