Printable Religious Christmas Cards

Printable religious Christmas cards are a real rescue if time is close and you need Christmas cards.... Like now!

Twelve Online Printable Christmas Cards

Consider these 12 Catholic Christmas cards:

  • Maybe you've finished sending yours and realize that you have a few more family and friends to include?
  • Maybe you need other religious greetings or thank you notes? You can make thank you cards.
  • Perhaps you want religious greeting cards?
  • These have no messages, so you can add your own message using your favorite Bible quotes, sayings, and fonts.
  • Several of these can be used all year long.
  • Use your printer's multiples setting to have two up for smaller cards or many for gift tags and small notes.

Print these treasures to save the moment.

Free Printable Christmas Cards

Printable Religious Christmas Cards: Angels and Baby JesusPrintable Religious Christmas cards: Nativity, Angels, Creche

If you have a color printer that can use card stock, you can print your own Christmas cards.

You can always use thick paper, too, but card stock works in most printers.

St. Anne's Helper free printable Christmas cards show beautiful images of Christmas traditions like Jesus, the angels, the Nativity, and the Three Kings or Magi.

It is easy to click and print these printable Christmas cards and some of these are nice for other greetings and blessings.

  • These Christmas cards print on 8-1/2 x 11 paper or card stock and fold in half to fit in 5-3/4 x 8-3/4 inch greeting card envelopes.
  • They use traditional Catholic Christmas themes.
  • Print as multiples for smaller cards and gift tags.
  • Print the back side "inside" with your own message using the booklet setting on your computer.
  • Use as Christmas invitations, especially in the smaller sizes when you choose booklet or multiples from your computer.
  • Use as thank you cards for Christmas gifts and events.
  • The Magi cards make awesome Epiphany or Boxing Day cards as well as Christmas thank you cards.
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Send These Printable Religious Christmas Cards To Family And Friends

Printable Nativity Christmas Card

These printable Nativity cards are classic pictures of the Holy Family, Jesus in the manger, and angels adoring the Infant.

Catholic Angels Adoration Christmas Card

Three angels adore the Babe in the Manger. A lamb enjoys the angels and Baby Jesus.

Printable Mother And Child Christmas Cards

The Madonna and Child are classic symbols of Christmas.

These next two printable Christmas cards are so beautiful and the first two can be used any time of the year to send greetings or celebrate a Marian feast day.

Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Christmas Card

Madonna Of The Streets Christmas Card

Our Lady of Good Success Christmas Card

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Religious Christmas Cards: Catholic Angels

Angels make Christmas special. They knew what happened and immediately rejoiced.

The last two can be used throughout the year as religious greeting cards.

Printable Religious Angel Christmas Card

Printable Angel Christmas Card

Printable Religious Angel Christmas Card

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Three Wise Men Christmas Cards

Then came the Wise Men from the Orient.

Use these as late Christmas cards, thank you cards, or Epiphany cards. Also great for Boxing Day.

Printable Magi Christmas Cards: Three Kings

Printable Wise Men Christmas Card

Printable Epiphany Christmas Card

Printable Christmas Greeting Cards

Here are two more cards both of which can be used throughout the year. The Irish Blessings has Christmas colors. Those shamrocks make it perfect for the feast of Saint Patrick or your favorite Irish friend.

The Infant of Prague is perfect for Christmas, since He is the Reason for the Season. 

The last is a link to Christmas coloring pages.

Irish Angel Christmas Greeting Card

Printable Infant of Prague Greeting Card

Printable Religious Christmas Coloring Pages

One of the Christmas traditions that we treasure most is getting our homemade Christmas cards ready for a big mailing! We can't do a big mailing every year and some years we simply cannot make the time to craft homemade cards.

The answer?

Printable religious Christmas cards and we share them here for you to enjoy.

Our pictures will always be respectful of the fact that not only is Jesus the Reason for the Season, but also that the Mass of the day is the Christ Mass.

Baby Jesus will be covered and warm, too, much to the relief of our little ones.

We also have a free printable Christmas Advent calendar and Advent wreath coloring page and Advent wreath coloring page! 

See these other Christmas printables:

Thank you for visiting our Catholic Christmas cards. You have our family's prayers for a Merry Christmas!


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Religious Printable Christmas Cards: The Holy Family at Bethlehem.Thank you for visiting our printable Catholic Christmas cards!