Printable Advent Wreath Coloring Page

1. Printable Advent Wreath Ideas

This Advent wreath coloring page has four lit candles in a wreath of holly and berries tied with a ribbon.

Color each flame through the four weeks of Advent in the Catholic Church to countdown the time till Christmas.

You can:

  • Color the candles purple and pink.
  • Color the holly green and the berries red.
  • Choose your favorite color for the ribbon.

The pink one is the second tallest because it is used on the Third Sunday of Advent.

2. Printable Advent Card

2.A. Advent Cards For Family And Friends

Are you making a special occasion of Advent? Keeping track of little sacrifices for Jesus?

You can print the Advent PDF below half sized so as to be able to fold it in half to make a greeting card sized image.

Make little notes inside by hand to prepare the way for Jesus.

Or send a note to Grandma and Grandpa about Advent. Enjoy!

2.B. Digital Or Printable Advent Coloring Page

Since this Advent coloring page is digital, catechists and teachers can send it to their students by email.

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3. More Catholic Advent Activities

3.A. Lighting The Advent Wreath And Advent Wreath Prayers

Pray the Collect and Post Communion prayers for each Sunday in Advent as you light each Advent candle. These are wonderful Advent prayers.

3.B. Prayers And Sacrifices For Baby Jesus

If you print the Advent coloring page above half sized, you can fold it in half to make a greeting card to send sweet notes or to make a sacrifice card.

This Advent card can be a real treasure where children mark the prayers and sacrifices that they have done for Baby Jesus. Here are some good ideas:

  • Make a diamond for every Mass, Rosary, or group prayer.
  • Mark a cross for every prayer.
  • Draw a pearl for acts of charity.
  • Use sequins to glue or different colored pencils or pens for more interest.
  • Stickers are fun to use for the biggest prayers and sacrifices.

3.C. More Advent and Christmas Activities

You can see more Advent and saint coloring pages here:

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