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1. Copyright Notice

This Copyright Policy protects the information on this website and includes both words and images.

All content found on is the sole property of unless otherwise noted.

  • You may print and file any of the coloring pages from this website for your own personal use. 
  • If you like Saint Anne's Helper's coloring pages, please direct your friends to the website so they can print off their own copies. 
  • This helps both of us. The number of visitors to our site helps us to determine where to add information. cannot do this without visitor input.

The information and images on this site are not to be copied to the Internet or other digital or computer device, either in a blog or other website or any other digital format without the express written permission from This is considered infringement and will be treated as such.

Great efforts have been made by several artists to make sure that any original sources were copy right free before they were enhanced for this site such as old stained glass windows and images from old Catholic books. has a long term contract with Graphics Factory for some images and a global life contract with Fonts4Teachers. Other publishers would have to contract with these businesses to use those few images (if any) and our worksheets with their Fonts4Teachers fonts. receives requests from teachers and parents to use or reprint the information from this website.

In order to streamline the permission process, you can use  the following additional guidelines.

2. Websites, Catechists, Teachers, Parents

A. Online Websites, Blogs, Electronic Devices

The free coloring pages and other information published at are published in order to attract visitors to so they can find other treasures for themselves.

There are hundreds of printable coloring pages on this site, all of them cheerful and family friendly.

If would allow the copying of coloring pages to another's website or online copy of a newsletter and the articles are reprinted in their entirety there is no compelling reason for the reader to come to They have already consumed the coloring page.

Furthermore, Google penalizes sites for duplicate content. You would not want duplicate content on your site or sites.

While your website may not depend on free search engine traffic,'s does and it would affect our online business if others used our work to draw visitors to other sites.

If your newsletter is published online, for the online version grants permission for you to use one image and some, part, or all of the introduction (usually the first 1-3 paragraphs from the article, found between the title of the page and first headline) with an active dofollow link to the full article.

  • You may not sell the coloring pages, worksheets, or ebooklets as downloads except through our affiliate program
  • You may not publish the full coloring pages on your own website or other Internet pages, except for 3-5 examples on one article reviewing with or without affiliate codes. 
  • As above grants permission for you to use one image and the introduction (usually the first 1-3 paragraphs from the article, found between the title of the page and first headline) with an active link to the full article once per month. (Thank you for considering. :-)

In order to reduce on the number of emails to answer and streamline the process thus reducing your wait time, grants the following offline permissions.

B. Offline: Teachers, Catechists, Tutors

If you would like to use the free coloring pages available on or the purchased coloring, worksheet, and ebooklet pages, you may print them for offline distribution to your class with the following restrictions:

  • The website URL must be included on any handouts from the site. 
  • You may include the coloring pages intact with the text.

C. Schools, Churches, Institutions, and Families

If your newsletter is published as a paper copy, grants permission for you to reprint the entire article as long as there is a printed text link naming or the actual page url.

Do attribute as the publisher.

The reason for the difference for the printed version is twofold:

  • There is no online duplicate content issue, and... 
  • Big or little coloring artists that receive hard copies most likely do not have access to a computer. In that case a link would be of no value to them, especially children. 

And finally, if you would like to use additional articles or coloring pages from for your newsletter, as long as you adhere to the permissions granted above, you are welcome to use one article per month without the need to contact each time. In such cases, thank you in advance.

Be encouraged to contact us if you have any questions. reserves the right to change these permissions as necessary.

3. Copyright and Trademark Notices

A. Copyright

All contents of are: Copyright © since 2008 and continuing 2020. All rights reserved. 

B. Trademarks is a trademark of

The names of actual companies and products mentioned on may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved by

If your Copyright Permission request is not covered above, please contact with your request.

Thank you and God bless!

~Mary Fifer

Updated: January 27, 2020