Palm Sunday Coloring Pages Jesus Enters Jerusalem

You can see several Palm Sunday coloring pages on this page. Children love the one that shows when Jesus enters Jerusalem. 

Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter and represents when Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey to a triumphal reception by the people.

They laid palms in his path in honor of His many miracles and welcomed Him rejoicing!

Palm Sunday Coloring Pages: Jesus Enters JerusalemPalm Sunday Coloring Pages
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Palm Sunday is the beginning of Holy Week, the week that ends with Holy Thursday's Last Supper and Good Friday's Crucifixion and Burial. It's a victorious day for Jesus, but He knows how the week will end. 

Use our coloring pages to teach the history of Lent and the meaning of Palm Sunday. Show the children that a triumphal entry can often end badly.

These coloring pages are great for telling the story that leads to Easter or explaining what will happen at Mass.

Printable Palm Sunday Coloring Pages

Jesus Enters Jerusalem On Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday Donkey Coloring Page

Palm Cross Coloring Page

Palm Sunday Procession Coloring Page

Palm Sunday Mass

While the children color their Palm Sunday coloring pages, you can explain that Catholics still make a procession and bless palms at the Palm Sunday Mass.

This can be such a vivid image in their minds if they go to the Mass where this is done. The palms in their hands teach a lesson in themselves and help them relive what Jesus did at the beginning of Holy Week.

At church they can see the procession on Sunday, they can see the priest Washing the Apostles' feet (sometimes altar boys or men from the community) on Holy Thursday (Maundy Thursday), and they can see the images in the Stations and the Veneration of the Cross on Good Friday, etc. 

Further, it is a very good idea to take little ones to the Holy Week Masses and other services because they can see what you have taught them about the story of Jesus' last days in His work of salvation.

This all has a huge effect toward the children realizing the importance of Holy Week. Do keep Holy Saturday somber so that the next day is all the more glorious.

Also, if you've taken little ones to have their throats blessed on the feast of St. Blaise, to receive ashes on Ash Wednesday, to walk in the procession on Palm Sunday, and to venerate the Cross on Good Friday; they'll already have some practice walking in procession and kneeling at the altar rail for First Communion.

We try to make a point to take our children to these liturgies during each child's First Communion year.

Meaning Of Palm Sunday

Children want to know the meaning of Palm Sunday in the Bible as Holy Week begins and we head to Good Friday, and Easter Sunday.

Palm Sunday is so important because it represents the triumphal moment when Jesus enters Jerusalem, the very days when Judas is plotting to betray him. The crowds would have been astonished to think of how that week ended on Good Friday.

It's good to teach the children about the readings, too, so that they're prepared for the longer Gospel and possibly no sermon. The Gospel is super long and tells the whole Passion. They will be standing for quite some time.

It's good to note that there will be a time to kneel for Our Lord's Death during the Gospel. Older or brighter children can read the Gospel as the priest does.

The meaning of Palm Sunday tells the history of Palm Sunday as told in the four Gospels. Those children who ask to understand it usually want to know what happened on Palm Sunday. It comes at the end of Lent and at the beginning of Holy Week, and its liturgy is a most beautiful prayer for Lent.

Reading the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ from one of the four Gospels is a long and beautiful ceremony, especially at the solemn high Mass.

Different priests, deacons, and choir members sing the Gospel story about the unjust judgement of Jesus, His way of the Cross, and His Death on Calvary which is marked by a moment of silence.

The best place to read about it is from the Bible itself. The account is given in each of the four Gospels which are the first four books in the New Testament. The other versions are read on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week.

What is Palm Sunday?

What is Palm Sunday? It is the Sunday before Easter Sunday. In the liturgy of Palm Sunday Jesus enters Jerusalem as foretold in the Old Testament and its account is given in the four Gospels.

The history of Palm Sunday is the account of Jesus openly entering Jerusalem, see the first of our Palm Sunday coloring pages above. The people rushed to meet Him because of His miracles and fame. He entered riding a donkey, and the people spread palm branches before Him as a sign of welcome and honor.

The meaning of Palm Sunday warns that anyone can turn on Jesus at any moment in spite of our devotion to Him. They, like us, were quick to profess their admiration and love for Him, yet little did they suspect that most would be crying for His death on Good Friday, that very week! 

Here are some Good Friday coloring pages.

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Palm Sunday Sermon

One Mass is preceded by blessing the palms, passing the palms to the congregation, and a procession. This can be a long ceremony especially if there are many parishioners present for the procession and Communion.

The Epistle and the Gospel give the prophecy and the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. There may be a short explanation about the meaning of Palm Sunday before the blessing or before the Mass, but there is often no Palm Sunday sermon because the readings speak for themselves and the liturgy is already quite long.

Palm Sunday sermons are rare for these reasons, especially in a large parish where there are many Masses on the day. Explain these points as the children color one of our Palm Sunday coloring pages.

More printables for these liturgical times:

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