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45 Bible Story Coloring Pages To Print

Bible Story Coloring Pages To Print: Bible and lily.Printable Bible Story Coloring Pages And Cards

Bible story coloring pages sure warm up religion class! Use these for teaching about the Jesus, the Old Testament, the New Testament, or sending pictures to Grandparents.

  1. Old Testament Creation Coloring Pages
  2. New Testament Child Jesus Coloring Pages
  3. Parable Bible Stories
  4. Salvation History Coloring Pages
  5. Resurrection Coloring Pages
  6. Related Bible Pictures

The Bible has some of the most exciting stories ever told and these coloring pages help you tell the stories about the Prophets and heroes of the Old Testament and about Jesus and Mary in the New Testament. These are awesome in a Catholic catechism class.

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Printable Bible Story Coloring Pages

There are many times in a Catholic school or family when Bible coloring pages are helpful:

  1. When learning about Jesus and the Bible.
  2. When little ones need work while older children are studying catechism.
  3. When you want to make a booklet about the main feasts in the liturgical year or the mysteries of the Rosary.
  4. When you want to teach about the different Catholic holy days of obligation.

Choose the images according to the stories that you're teaching and print as many as you need. Print from screen or you can also download them to your computer for future use.

My favorite aspect of using downloads is that everyone who wants a picture can have one and that I can use them again in future years.

1. Old Testament Bible Stories: The Creation Bible Story Coloring Pages

These next six are beautiful Creation coloring pages based on the Benziger Living My Religion series pictures where the children learn the Creation Bible story. 

At a glance you can show the children how provident it was that, working in backward order,

  • God created man after He created the animals and plants. Man had something to do and to eat; 
  • He created the animals after He created the plants so the animals had something to eat; 
  • he created the plants after the waters were divided so that they would have a dry place to root; 
  • and he created the earth before He separated the waters so that there was some place to put the water. 
  • All in the creation that God built. (Like all in the house that Jack built. :-)

God made all of creation from nothing.

Telling the creation Bible story for preschoolers is fun. It is a joy to see them listen attentively and marvel at what God did.

This is a huge one for little kids. They love it. God is so cool. He can do everything!

Older children can become confused if they try to overthink it, so it may be best to leave things light. The easiest answer is "Somebody had to do it. This Somebody we understand to be God."

If you explain the story, they instantly understand that there can't be an infinite series of uncaused causes. We get this story from St. Thomas Aquinas.

The first catechism questions go great with these Bible story coloring pages: 

  • Who is God? God is the Creator of Heaven and Earth and of all things.
  • Who made you? God made me. (Great answer against abortion.)

Find more in the First Communion catechism and use these coloring pages as your children learn the answers.

1.A. Bible Story Of Creation: The First Day

Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning God created heaven and earth."

1.B. Bible Story Of Creation: The Second Day

Genesis 1:7 "God made a firmament, and divided the waters...."

1.C. Bible Story Of Creation: The Third Day

Genesis 1:12 "And the earth brought forth the green herb...."

1.D. Bible Story Of Creation: The Fourth Day

Genesis 1:14 "Let there be lights in the firmament of heaven...."

1.E. Bible Story Of Creation: The Fifth Day

Genesis 1:22 "And he blessed them, saying: Increase and multiply...."

1.F. Bible Story Of Creation: The Sixth Day

Adam and Eve Bible story: Gen. 1:25, 26 "Let us make man according to our image and likeness."

1.G. Bible Story Of Creation: The Seventh Day Of Creation

Genesis 2:2 "And he rested on the seventh day."

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2. Old Testament Bible Stories:
Kings and Prophets Bible Story Coloring Page

It's fun to put the name with the face. My favorite way to do this is with a story from a picture Bible for kids, using it like a photo album. Having Old Testament Bible coloring pages is a bonus. Enjoy!

New Catholic Picture Bible Stories

You will love using the New Catholic Picture Bible with your little ones like a photo album.

Share the Bible stories as if they are stories from your own life. Buy this picture Bible at Amazon.

3. New Testament Bible Stories

The New Testament has wonderful Bibles stories about Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

  • Advent and Christmas time is a great time to start with the story of the Nativity. It's also a great time to teach the Joyful Mysteries.
  • Parables are great stories. See them at number 3 below.
  • Just before Lent is a great time to teach about Holy Week and the Sorrowful Mysteries. See number 4 below.
  • Easter, the Ascension, and Pentecost are great times to teach about the Resurrection and the Glorious Mysteries, number 5.

See more on our Holy Days and Rosary coloring page and.

Nativity Bible Story Coloring Page

One of the loveliest preschool Bible stories is the story of Jesus' birthday.

This picture has wide lines and a simple design for preschoolers.

Mary With Child Jesus Coloring Page

Madonna And Child Coloring Page

Mary With Baby Jesus Coloring Page

Nativity Scene Coloring Page

Herod And The Soldiers Coloring Page

Flight Into Egypt Coloring Page

Jesus Mary And Joseph Coloring Page

Holy Family Bible Story Coloring Page

We Can Have A Holy Family Too

Bible Story About Jesus In The Temple

Child Jesus Teaching In The Temple

We have more Nativity coloring pages on our Christmas pages.

New Catholic Picture Bible Stories

You will love using the New Catholic Picture Bible with your little ones like a photo album.

Share the Bible stories as if they are stories from your own life. Buy this picture Bible at Amazon.

3. Bible Story Coloring Pages: Parables And Jesus

Of course, Jesus is the star of the Bible. He told wonderful stories called parables to teach people God's law. 

Jesus The Good Shepherd Parable Coloring Page

Jesus As The Good Shepherd Coloring Page

Preschool Bible Stories

Preschool Bible stories that focus on Jesus should surely include the endearing moment when He lets them come to Him. 

By teaching them about Him, we also are letting them go to Him.

This first picture is nice for preschool and kindergarten because it has thick outlines.

The next is lovely, too, yet better for older artists. :-)

Jesus With Children Coloring Page

Jesus And Children Coloring Page

Jesus Walking On Water Bible Coloring Page

Jesus And The Apostles Coloring Page

Jesus And Zacchaeus Coloring Page

4. Bible Story Coloring Pages: Salvation History

Children respond so well to what Jesus did for us when they know the story of how He prayed, was taken away, unjustly judged three times, and finally died for us.

These Bible story coloring pages are based on Benziger's 1940s Living My Religion catechism series' pictures.

Jesus And The Apostles In The Garden Of Olives

Peter Denies Jesus Coloring Page

Pontius Pilate Condemns Jesus

Behold The Man Coloring Page

Simon Of Cyrene Helps Jesus Carry The Cross

Jesus Meets His Mother On The Way of the Cross

Jesus Falls Under His Cross

Jesus Coloring Page

Jesus Is Buried Coloring Page

See more coloring pages and printable booklets on the Passion and Death of Jesus on our Lent activities pages here.

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5. Jesus' Resurrection Bible Story Coloring Pages

Jesus' Resurrection tells the Easter Bible story. Children love the victory when Jesus rose from the dead. Forty days later He ascended into Heaven on Ascension Thursday and ten days later the Holy Spirit descended on the Apostles and Mary on Pentecost, or Whitsunday.

Cover these stories when you're teaching the Glorious Mysteries and the Holy Days of Obligation.

Easter Jesus Coloring Pages

Religious Easter Coloring Page

Jesus Speaks To Mary Magdalen In The Garden

See more printable Easter coloring pages here

Easter Bible Story Coloring Page

Pentecost Coloring Page

Descent Of The Holy Ghost Coloring Page

See more Resurrection, Ascension, and Pentecost pictures on our Easter coloring pages and more pages on the Apostles and the Apostles' Creed.

St. Paul Bible Story Coloring Page

See the Apostles Creed and Apostle coloring pages for the main saints of the New Testament. 

New Catholic Picture Bible Stories

You will love using the New Catholic Picture Bible with your little ones like a photo album.

Share the Bible stories as if they are stories from your own life. Buy this picture Bible at Amazon.

6. Related Bible Coloring Pages

The Bible Is The Best Book For Boys

See more books for boys and girls here

Picture Of A Bible Coloring Page

Lepanto Douay-Rheims Bible

The Lepanto Douay Rheims Bible is a joy to hold and to read, being a bit smaller than the TAN reprint of 1979, possibly due to the somewhat smaller font. It is a 1914 John Murphy Company reprint that uses regular off white paper and retains the pictures.

I was able to go through it when I was at Our Lady of Victory School's store and, even though I really like the TAN version and appreciate it keeping the Douay available to me and mine for so long, this will be the version I buy for gifts in the future. You can see photos of it in a review and buy it at Amazon here.

More Bible Story Coloring Pages:

Of course, the Bible itself is a great way to learn or teach the Bible stories. I love the new version published by Lepanto Press at Our Lady of Victory School as it has the Douay-Rheims text yet the paper, size, binding, pictures, and maps are beautiful! Buy this Douay Bible at Amazon or OLVS.

You might also like our coloring pages for more Bible story coloring pages:

  • Advent - the time that represents the Old Testament and our waiting for Our Lord to fulfill the promise God made to Adam.
  • Christmas - the birth of Jesus. See pictures of the Holy Family: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.
  • Lent - the Forty Days from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday when Catholics make sacrifices, fast, and have meat only once a day excepting Fridays when they have no meat.
  • Palm Sunday - the Sunday before Easter when Jesus entered Jerusalem so triumphantly.
  • Easter - the day of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, proof of His Divinity.
  • Catholic Saints Coloring Pages - Classic images of the Catholic saints to color.

The stories in the Bible are the most interesting stories because they matter to all of us. Adam and Eve are our first parents, even Noah and his wife are our parents - we're all interested in their stories.

Children enjoy the adventures that go along with the moral lessons and they learn to love God as they see His Plan revealed. They especially love Jesus, Mary, and the Apostles.

See stained glass coloring pictures here.

See more Bible story coloring pages at CatholicBlogger1.

See the Douay-Rheims Bible stories here.

New Catholic Picture Bible Stories

You will love using the New Catholic Picture Bible with your little ones like a photo album.

Share the Bible stories as if they are stories from your own life. Buy this picture Bible at Amazon.

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