St. Patrick's Day
Coloring Pages To Print

St. Patrick's Day Coloring Pages and Irish Blessing Prayer Handwriting PracticeSee St. Patrick's Day Coloring Pages and Irish Blessing Prayer coloring page and handwriting worksheets below.

There are eight wonderful St. Patrick's Day coloring pages linked from this page.

Two are realistic drawings in section 3 from the glorious old book on Saint Patrick, St. Patrick, Apostle of Ireland (1911) in a four page download that also includes the Irish Blessing 

There are several bishop coloring pages at the bottom of this page that you could use for any Catholic saint who was a pope, cardinal, or bishop. Just change the colors.

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1. Realistic Saint Patrick Of Ireland

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2. St. Patrick Expels the Snakes!

3. Four Page Download: St. Patrick's Day Coloring Pages and Short Irish Blessings

3.A. St. Patrick, Apostle of Ireland

St. Patrick is famous for his conversion of the Irish and for his description of there being three Persons in one God.

He used a clover to explain.

A three leaf clover has three leaflets on one leaf. His description was close enough that they got the idea and we've used it ever since.

Did you know that St. Patrick knew St. Martin of Tours? This ebook tells of their many years together in a monastery.

3.B. Coloring Pages From The Ebook

The first set of printables below has four pages, see photos below and go to the Short Irish Blessings page here to download the bundle. 

  • two coloring pictures from the book, one includes St. Martin
  • and two worksheets with the Irish Blessing, "May the road rise up to meet you...." 

* St. Anne's Helper Catholic Coloring  download has a treasure trove of traditional PDF printable coloring sheets.

* Over 200 specifically Catholic pictures.

* 300+ other fun coloring pictures of animals, seasons, patriotic, Easter and Christmas.

* All grouped into files for your convenience and all interactive.

* See coloring samples.

4. Printable Saint Patrick's Day Decorations

As of March 2020 we have new printables that you can use as Saint Patrick Day decorations.

Here's a sweet way to decorate your mantel for the feast of St. Patrick and all things Irish.

Printable Saint Patrick's Day DecorationsPrintable Saint Patrick's Day Decorations: print and place in a white picture frame.

4.A. Like you see above, you can print the image below to put in a white frame for a wonderful way to honor St. Patrick.

4.B. has spaces to color the shamrocks.

4.A. Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Enjoy a super simple Saint Patrick's Day project!

4.B. Fun Printable For Saint Patrick's Day

Hide the orange crayons for this coloring page! :-)

Use all your favorite colors or different variations of green.

5. More St. Patrick's Day Coloring Pages

5.A. Bishop With Crozier, Miter, and Throne Coloring Page

5.B. Bishop or Cardinal Coloring Page

5.C. Saint Patrick as Bishop

6. Quick Saint Patrick Facts

Quick facts about Saint Patrick:

6.A. When Is Saint Patrick's Day?

Saint Patrick's Day is March 17, the feast of Saint Patrick.

6.B. Saint Patrick, Patron Saint Of Ireland

Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland.

6.C. Why Was Saint Patrick Important?

Saint Patrick was important because he converted all Ireland to the Catholic Faith and millions have died to keep that Faith and go to Heaven.

6.D. March 17 Is The Feast of St. Patrick, A Holy Day In Ireland.

St. Patrick's feast day is March 17 and is a holy day of obligation in Ireland. See a chart of holy days of obligation by country.

Use these coloring pages on the Feast of St. Patrick or for children who are named after St. Patrick as on their birthdays.

They're great for realizing that the basis for St. Patrick's Day is the Catholic faith not a party with leprechauns or worse. :-)

7. St. Patrick History Ebook To Buy

Best History Of Saint Patrick!

This downloadable and printable ebook tells the true history of Saint Patrick in Ireland and tells charming facts about Saint Patrick:

  • conversions of kings and peasants, 
  • long and arduous travels, and 
  • stories of how the people loved him.

I love this quote from the book St. Patrick, Apostle of Ireland:  "In this way God's name and Patrick's were once more magnified." as it explains some of the many marvels that are told in the story.

It was written in (1911) and has beautiful pictures! It includes Archbishop Healy's "Life and Writings of St Patrick", "Legend of Saint Patrick - Confession of St Patrick".... It is the best history of Saint Patrick and Ireland's early days that I have read.

See and buy the download of the best Saint Patrick History here.

St. Patrick, pray for us!

8. March Saints Coloring Pages

See these

9. Buy More Irish Coloring Pages In Our Catholic Coloring Pages Bundle

You will find pictures of Jesus, Mary, Joseph and many other saints in our printable Catholic Coloring Pages bundle. There are many bonus themes as well.

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