Printable Church Coloring Pages

Use our free church coloring pages when you're teaching the Ten Commandments. "Remember thou keep holy the Lord's day." 

A church building can be a symbol of the Third Commandment.

We have several simple churches to color and one really cool cathedral for older children. In a way, the country churches are my quiet favorites.

There's nothing like the heavenward impressions in our glorious basilicas and cathedrals. They really make you think of God and heaven.

Church Coloring PagesBeautiful church coloring pages!

1. Printable Church Coloring Pages

1.A. Advanced Cathedral Coloring Page

Older children and adults like this cathedral or basilica. It has a bell tower and maybe a rectory where the priests live. Maybe it is a convent for Catholic nuns and sisters?

It even has flying buttresses to help hold the walls.

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1.B. Winter Snow Christmas Church Coloring Page

There's nothing like walking to church in the quiet of a snowy day.

Color the stained glass window, the cross, and the other windows in bold colors.

Color the sky bright blue for daytime, or gray for a cloudy day. You can also make this a night time scene with dark blue for the sky.

Color the snow in light shades of blue, pink, and purple for a very nice effect.

1.C. Mission Church Coloring Page

So many Catholic saints founded mission churches.

Color the roof a terra cotta red for a Mediteranean mission church look.

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See sample coloring pages here.

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2. Simple Church Coloring Pages

2.A. Old Country Church Coloring Page

This old country church coloring page is perfect for kindergarten as it can be very easy to color. There is one for preschool below.

2.B. Roman Catholic Church Coloring Page

This would be a tiny Catholic church, perfect for a chapel.

2.C. Big City Church Coloring Page

This church coloring page could be in a big city where there are lots of Catholic children. Is your parish building a new church? Does it look like this?

2.D. Preschool Church Coloring Page

This church coloring page is perfect for preschoolers as the lines are big and the shapes are simple.

2.E. Sunday School Church Coloring Page

This lady and her child are dressed in their Easter best, ready to go to church.

See Easter coloring pages here.

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See sample coloring pages here.

3. Praying Hands Church Stained Glass Coloring Page

Stained Glass Praying Hands Coloring Page

A praying hands and stained glass cross coloring page can be such a peaceful picture. Remember to pray for all of us! 

See more than twenty stained glass coloring pages here.

4. Interior Church Coloring Pages

Easy Church Coloring Pages To PrintEasy Church Coloring Pages To Print!

Sunday school lessons and catechism class are much more fun when kids have some coloring pages.

You might also be interested in our main coloring page and these that have coloring pages of interior church scenes like bishops confirming confirmandi; priests baptizing children, giving Communion at the altar rail, and hearing confession in the confessional; and even Catholic wedding coloring pages :

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Simple Church Coloring PageSimple Church Coloring Pages To Print