Catholic Confirmation Symbols

The Holy Ghost, Pentecost, Bishops

You'll love the following Catholic Confirmation symbols for Confirmation or to teach little ones about the Holy Spirit and Pentecost.

You can also click on the images below for free coloring sheets to print your own custom coloring book for younger students who are learning about the sacrament of Confirmation. 

The Holy Ghost is a spirit so He is tricky for some children to imagine, so the Catholic church has always used symbols to teach about Him. Here's an example.

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The Wind Is A Symbol Of The Holy Spirit

The wind is a classic symbol of the Holy Spirit. We can not see the wind, yet we can see its work. In a similar way we cannot see the Holy Spirit, yet we can see His work sanctifying the saints of all ages. 

The same goes for the image of a cloud or water. Children easily see how He rains down graces from Heaven. See our Holy Ghost symbols below.

Catholic Confirmation Symbols

Confirmation Symbols: Holy Ghost

The Holy Spirit is often depicted as a dove and as the tongues of fire over the Apostles and Mary at Pentecost are symbols of Confirmation since these symbols are taught in Confirmation: "The symbols of the Holy Ghost are: 

  1. Dove, 
  2. Oil, 
  3. Cloud, 
  4. Water, 
  5. Fire.

The Holy Spirit Is A Symbol Of Confirmation

Tongues Of Fire Are Confirmation Symbols

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See sample coloring pages here.

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Pentecost Is A Confirmation Symbol

Stained Glass Pentecost Coloring Page

Catholic Confirmation Coloring Sheets

Confirmation Coloring Page For Boys

Confirmation Coloring Page For Girls

Catholic Bishop Coloring Pictures

Saint Patrick and Saint Nicholas were bishops, too, so these next pictures of Bishops are also great for their feast days on March 17 and December 6.

See more Bishops on our Saint Patrick's Day coloring pages here.

Bishop Coloring Page

Bishop With Mitre And Crozier Coloring Page

Catholic Confirmation Symbols: Blessed Trinity

Symbols of the Blessed Trinity can be hard to find on the internet - especially those that are both copy right free and respectful can be hard to find.

  • A symbol of the Blessed Trinity is a shamrock. 
  • There are others as with the triangle.

There are two Trinity Knots on one of our other websites in section 3 of this page at ColorWithFuzzy's Celtic coloring pages here.

  1. God the Father is the Creator. (See our Creation coloring sheets here.)
  2. God the Son is the Savior.
  3. God the Holy Ghost is the Sanctifier.

The color red is symbolic of Confirmation so sometimes girls will wear dresses that have the color red, boys may wear a red tie, and some decorations at home can be done in red. Remember to include the five symbols of the Holy Ghost: a pure white dove, oil or Holy Chrism, a cloud, drops of water, and flames of fire. You can make a mobile with these symbols to hang as a center piece and keep for all your Confirmation events.

You might also like our Descent of the Holy Ghost pictures with our Rosary coloring page as it is also the Third Glorious Mystery of the Rosary. This is also a great collection for the feast of Pentecost, fifty days after Easter.

Downloadable Catholic Coloring Pages to Print

Over 200 Catholic digital pictures to print.

Bonus: Christmas, Easter, animals, patriotic and more! Catholic Coloring Book Download. Ad-free PDF. 

See sample coloring pages here.

Bishop Sitting In Chair - Confirmation Coloring Page
Bishop Sitting In Chair - Confirmation Coloring Page Colored
Confirmation Symbols
Confirmation coloring pages
Printable Confirmation Card

Ideas To Use With Our Catholic Coloring Pages

Since the stories around the Blessed Trinity cover the Incarnation of Our Lord Jesus Christ  as the second Person of the Trinity, you will like our Free Christmas Coloring Pages that can be used with our Confirmation symbols.

Printable Easter Coloring Pages can help you teach about the Redemption. Easter is the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. He really rose from the dead by His own omnipotent power. It's the proof that our Catholic Faith is true.

Free Bible coloring pages make beautiful handmade gifts and instructive catechetical aids for religion class for Creation and the New Testament. Our free Rosary Coloring Pages are helpful for teaching little ones how to say the Rosary and they can learn about Pentecost with the Third Glorious Mystery, the Descent of the Holy Spirit.

You can use these symbols for other themes, too. Print coloring sheets as preschool activities, fun projects when friends come over, and creative busy work for busy hands while babysitting or visiting. Send these pictures with the children when they visit Grandma and Grandpa.

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