Free Catholic Saint Coloring Pages

We have over thirty Catholic saint coloring pages on this page.

Are your kids coloring saint pictures? Did you wish to color pictures of saints when you were a child?

I did. I loved coloring for the sake of coloring, and I learned to color well; but I had had only silly coloring books. Many had ugly pictures and it was hard to finish the whole book. 

No longer!

We've re-purposed pictures from wonderful old books; the kind that invite you to color in the scenes for book reports, saint stories, and other catechism projects.

The Roman Catholic saints are those Catholics who've made it to Heaven. They've done what God commanded and used His sacraments. They are Catholic heroes and children love their stories.

Use our coloring pages to teach your children about the Catholic saints.

Catholic Saint Coloring PagesThere are over 30 Catholic saint coloring pages on this page and more throughout Saint Anne's Helper.

Catholic Saint Coloring Pages

See these main saint themes below:

  1. Jesus Coloring Pages
  2. Mary Coloring Sheets
  3. ABC Saint Coloring Pages
  4. All Saints Day Coloring Pages
  5. Female Saints To Color
  6. Male Saints To Color

Note: All our coloring pages are interactive which means that you can add notes and messages in your favorite fonts, colors, and SIZES

Print them with the booklet setting in your printer and you can have saints feast day cards or birthday cards.

Also, there are over a hundred Catholic, and over 300 complementary pictures in our download bundle below these free printables.

1. Jesus Coloring Pages

1.A. Jesus Christ King Coloring Page

The angels crown Jesus King of Heaven and Earth.

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1.B. Last Supper With Jesus Coloring Page

1.C. Jesus And The Little Children Coloring Page

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Downloadable Catholic Coloring Pages to Print

Over 200 Catholic digital pictures to print.

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See sample coloring pages here.

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More coloring pages of Jesus:

2. Blessed Virgin Mary Coloring Pages

2.A. Assumption of Mary Coloring Page

2.B. Our Lady Of Fatima Coloring Page

2.C. Juan Diego And Our Lady Of Guadalupe Coloring Page

2.D. Child Jesus And Mother Mary Coloring Page

2.E. Mary Visits Elizabeth Coloring Page

2.F. Mary And Jesus Coloring Page

2.G. Saint Mary Queen Of Heaven Coloring Page

2.H. Virgin Mary Coloring Page

More Rosary Coloring Pages - many images of Mary and Jesus as per the Mysteries of the Rosary and the stories they tell.

Downloadable Catholic Coloring Pages to Print

Over 200 Catholic digital pictures to print.

Bonus: Christmas, Easter, animals, patriotic and more! Catholic Coloring Book Download. Ad-free PDF. 

See sample coloring pages here.

3. ABC Catholic Saint Coloring Pages - Alphabetical List:

3.A. Catholic Saint Andrew Coloring Page

3.B. Saint Anne And Mary Coloring Page

3.C. Saint Anne, Joachim, and Mary Coloring Page

3.D. Saint Anthony Coloring Page

3.E. Catholic Saint Benedict Coloring Page

3.F. Saint Bonaventure Coloring Page

3.G. Saint Cecilia Coloring Page

3.H. Saint Caecilia Coloring Page

3.I. Saint Helen Coloring Page

3.J. Saint Joseph Coloring Pages And Prayers

Saint Joseph coloring pages are lovely for the months of March, July, and October. They're also great for Father's Day.

3.K. Saint Joan of Arc Coloring Page

3.L. Evangelist Saint John Coloring Page

3.M. Saint Michael Coloring Page

Downloadable Catholic Coloring Pages to Print

Over 200 Catholic digital pictures to print.

Bonus: Christmas, Easter, animals, patriotic and more! Catholic Coloring Book Download. Ad-free PDF. 

See sample coloring pages here.

3.N. Saint Matthias Coloring Page

3.O. Saint Nicholas Coloring Pages

3.P. Saint Patrick Coloring Pages

3.Q. Saint Paul Coloring Page

3.R. Saint Thomas Coloring Page

3.S. Saint Simon Coloring Page

We have more Catholic saint printables here:

4. All Saints Day Catholic Saint Coloring Pages 

Canonized saints are the main saints that Catholics venerate. There are so many other saints that have not been "processed" that the Catholic Church has given them their own very special feast day – All Saints' Day celebrates the many saints who are in Heaven but who have not been officially canonized.

It is so important that it is a Catholic holy day of obligation. It is the day from which Halloween got its name – All Hallow's Eve – hallow means holy as in the Our Father prayer.

All Saints Day is a very fun day for children when they've chosen a saint to study and make a costume to have an All Saints Day party. It's also fun to be able to say to those you meet after Mass, "Happy feast day."

We're each likely to have a namesake saint amongst "all" the saints in Heaven since the Church asks us to use saints names at Baptism and Confirmation.

See these All Saints coloring pages with our Holy Day coloring pages.

Catholic Saint Coloring Pages: All Saints holy day of obligation
Downloadable Catholic Coloring Pages to Print

Over 200 Catholic digital pictures to print.

Bonus: Christmas, Easter, animals, patriotic and more! Catholic Coloring Book Download. Ad-free PDF. 

See sample coloring pages here.

5. Universal Female Catholic Saint Coloring Pages

These female saint coloring pages can be used for various saints who were nuns and virgins. Use a nun coloring page to teach about vocations as well as your favorite saints who were nuns.

5.A. Nun Coloring Page

5.B. Female Saint Coloring Page

6. Universal Male Catholic Saint Coloring Pages

These saint coloring pages are handy for other male saints, too. These pictures can represent popes, cardinals, monks, and saints who were writers.

6.A. Male Saint Coloring Page

6.B. Pope, Cardinal, Bishop Coloring Page

6.C. Bishop Coloring Page

Use Catholic Saint Coloring Pages In Catechism Class

By the grace of God our family has learned to put many of our old Catholic saint coloring pages online for your convenience and they're all free.

You'll also find stained glass images and copyright free images that you can use for many subjects like catechism, reading (book reports), and history. You can also buy our whole download that has over 450 coloring pages with over 100 that are specifically Catholic.

Remember that some of the Catholic saints images can be used for other saints. There are some male and female saints whose images will work for different saints - especially those of the same era or religious order.

You can use these coloring pages about the Catholic saints:

  1.  When teaching about Jesus and the saints of the Bible.
  2.  When little ones need to color while older children read about the saints.
  3. When you want to make a booklet about the Catholic feast days.
  4. When are teaching about Catholic holy days of obligation like All Saints Day.

Choose the images according to the stories that you're teaching and print for the feast day of the month.

The more that your children are acquainted with the Catholic saints, the better they are able to imitate them and their virtues. Tell little ones about the saints in a Catholic picture book and, if it is written so that a child will not be scandalized, encourage older and more capable children to read it for themselves. Studying the saints is an awesome way to teach Catholic history, too. 

I find that it is very useful to have the children learn about many different saints during the years before the year that they begin their Confirmation preparation so that they have an idea of different patrons from which to choose. You can steer their choice of a patron saint according to your child's temperament and other qualities or events in their lives.

These are free. You can also download more kinds of Catholic coloring pages at our main coloring page below or buy the bundle here:

* St. Anne's Helper Catholic Coloring  download has a treasure trove of traditional PDF printable coloring sheets.

* Over 200 specifically Catholic pictures.

* 300+ other fun coloring pictures of animals, seasons, patriotic, Easter and Christmas.

* All grouped into files for your convenience and all interactive.

* See coloring samples.

7. St. John the Baptist Parish, Font Royal, VA
Beautiful Catholic Saint Pages To Color

I think that you'll really enjoy these beautiful saint coloring pictures at St. John the Baptist parish in Front Royal, VA. [UPDATE: These beautiful coloring pages have been archived, so I have updated the link according to St. John's site.]

8. Dominic De Souza:
Sense of the Sacred Coloring Book

Dominic De Souza: Sense of the Sacred Coloring Book SamplesFree Sense of the Sacred Coloring Book Samples

Dominic De Souza had wonderful printables to color, yet sometimes his work is off line.

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Female Saint Coloring PageThank you for coloring saints with us.