Christmas Tree Coloring Pages

Christmas Tree Coloring Pages - Little Children Love Them!See our Christmas Tree Coloring Pages Below

Children's Christmas Tree Coloring Pages

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Your children will enjoy coloring these Christmas tree coloring pages while you're getting ready for the Christmas season. You know. During Advent.

Why do I mention Advent? I mention Advent because it's when we're getting ready for Christmas with spiritual gifts for Jesus and gifts for family and friends.

You can fill the crib with soft straw (shredded tissue paper) for each sacrifice or extra prayers and set up the Nativity scene so that Mary and Joseph can walk toward it.

Little ones love to color their own Christmas tree in their favorite colors.

Christmas Tree Coloring Pages To Print - PDF

Choose from several pictures below that are about Christmas trees and other coloring pages that are related to the Birth of Jesus.

Our Rosary coloring pages are great too as there are several about the Nativity. See them below.

Christmas Tree Nativity Scene

For years, our Nativity was under our Christmas tree. It made a wonderful backdrop to our manger scene, especially when the lights were lit.

Now we have our keepsake Nativity on our buffet – we're not as young as we used to be and our children like to keep their own little sets under the tree.

The weekend after Thanksgiving we usually set up our Christmas tree and most of our Christmas ornaments and Nativity scenes. As Christmas nears, usually the Fourth Sunday of Advent, we place Mary and Joseph near our main Nativity so they can continue their journey through the week.

We add the Infant Jesus after the little ones have gone to bed on Christmas eve and in the following days the Shepherds come and the Magi come on the feast of the Epiphany, January 6.

When our children were little it was hard for us to handle breakables while they were awake so we usually tried to have something Christmas-related that could occupy their hands like coloring pages.

Oh, how I wish that we would have had these Christmas tree coloring pages back then. So many times the covers of the Christmas coloring books were nice but there was very little in them that was either nicely drawn or related to the real Reason for the Season.

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