Rosary Coloring Pages 

Fifteen Mysteries Of The Rosary Pictures

Do you pray the 15 Mysteries of the Rosary?

Use our free Rosary coloring pages to honor Mary and her Holy Rosary. Great stay at home activities!

This is a huge page with scores of links to coloring pages related to the Mysteries of the Rosary.

May is the month of Mary and October is the Rosary month, yet these can be used all year long.

See the Fifteen Mysteries below:

40+ Beautiful Rosary coloring pages for each of the Mysteries!40+ beautiful Rosary coloring pages for each of the Mysteries!

These are the same mysteries that the Blessed Virgin Mary has asked us to pray for centuries; they are the same as taught by St. Dominic and St. Louis de Montfort; and the same that Our Lady of Fatima requested.

They are also the same mysteries used in the 54 Day Novena booklet. Use these links to jump to the Mysteries:

If you're praying the 54 Day Rosary Novena you can print these for the children to help mark the mysteries and the days.

I've seen families put Rosary pictures in sheet protectors in a binder to turn to when each new mystery is announced. The oldest or newest First Communicant would turn the pages for each mystery. So sweet!

Remember to pray for the virtue that goes with each mystery, too. Awesome habit! This way you're praying to increase these supernatural virtues in your life many times a week. The videos tell the virtues.

Rosary Feast Days

The Mysteries represent different feasts throughout the year including several holy days of of obligation like Christmas, the Circumcision, the Ascension, and the Assumption. 

The images of Our Lord and Our Lady are great for name days and baptisms, too, and they help you teach children about the Roman Catholic beliefs. You can download or print from your screen.

These pictures are good for printing your own custom coloring book for Easter vacation or Christmas break because many Mysteries are also related to the Easter and Christmas themes. See nearly thirty Rosary coloring sheets below and several photos throughout this page.

See the Rosary Prayers and learn how to pray the Rosary here.

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The 15 Mysteries: Rosary Coloring Pages

Some of our Rosary coloring printables are simple and some are for older children who have patience and a more creative eye.

Because of our new format for these printables, you can add messages to them in whatever fonts, sizes and colors you like.

A. Joyful Mysteries - Rosary Coloring Pages

1. 3 Annunciation of Mary Coloring Pages

Annunciation - The Angel Declared Unto Mary - Coloring Page for teaching the Rosary. Rosary Coloring Pages.Forty prayer and Rosary coloring pages.
Annunciation Rosary Coloring Pages - Incarnation, Joyful Mysteries of the RosaryAnnunciation Bible Story
The Angel Declared Unto Mary - Annunciation Rosary Coloring PagesAnnunciation Coloring Page

The Annunciation is the First Joyful Mystery and tells the beautiful Bible story of Our Lady accepting the message that the Archangel Gabriel brought that she would be the Mother of God. "The angel of the Lord declared unto Mary." Mary gifted here Fiat. The feast day is March 25, Annunciation Day .

Be sure to teach the Fall of Adam and how this moment when the Angel came is also the Incarnation, the same day March 25. Now the Promise that God made to Adam is fulfilled.

When we pray the First Joyful Mystery we ask that God grant us the virtue of humility in imitation of Our Lady's beautiful humility as in her Magnificat. Kids love it when you tell the whole story with these Rosary coloring pages.

"The First Joyful Mystery, the Annunciation, for an increase in the supernatural virtue of humility."

Stained Glass Annunciation Triptych Coloring Page

Angel Gabriel And Mary Annunciation Coloring Page

Incarnation of Jesus Coloring Page

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See sample coloring pages here.

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2. Visitation Coloring Pages

Our Visitation Rosary coloring sheets celebrate when Our Lady went to see Elizabeth and to help her as she bore St. John the Baptist. This is also Corporal Work of Mercy.

We try to remember to pray the second Joyful Mystery asking for the grace of fraternal charity.

When the Angel appeared to Mary on March 25 she was told that her cousin Elizabeth would bear a son her old age. Immediately, Mary's thoughts went to Elizabeth's need and she left to take care of her till St. John was born in June. This is a beautiful model of fraternal charity. May we all be so helpful. May God grant us all more a supernatural fraternal charity!

Since it was at her word that God sanctified St. John the Baptist, it is extra good that she went to St. Elizabeth. All graces come through Our Lady and this is a remarkable instance. Imagine the good we could do if we imitated her well. 

"The Second Joyful Mystery, the Visitation of Mary to see Elizabeth, for an increase in the supernatural virtue of fraternal charity."

Visitation of Mary To See Elizabeth Coloring Page

Mary Visits Elizabeth Coloring Page

3. The Birth Of Jesus - Christmas Nativity Coloring Sheets

Jesus is the Reason for the Season and His Mass has the same name as the day: Christ Mass (like Michaelmas Day and Candlemas Day). There's so much you can use to teach about the Birth of Jesus and all that surrounds it. Little children are especially captivated by the story of Adam's Fall, The Promise of a Redeemer, and the coming of Our Redeemer as a little baby in Bethlehem.

When we're praying the Third Joyful Mystery, we try to remember that God grants us the virtue of detachment from worldly things. We gain more from praying the Rosary if we think about the stories they represent (the Jesus' Birth). This is an easy form of meditation that really improves the number of graces we receive from our daily Rosaries.

Jesus was born on Christmas Day and this is why it is called the Nativity - nativity means birth (native, etc). You can use our St. Anne's Helper Nativity and Rosary coloring pages to teach about Christmas and the Joyful Mysteries. So, both Christmas Day and the Circumcision are Holy Days of Obligation . See three Nativity coloring pages below.

"The Third Joyful Mystery, the Birth of Our Lord, for an increase in the supernatural virtue of charity and detachment from the things of the world."

Antique Missal Nativity Coloring Page

Stained Glass Nativity Coloring Page

Baby Jesus Coloring Page

4. The Presentation of Jesus In The Temple

Christmas break is a great time to teach the Joyful Mysteries to little ones because they are very aware of Christmas and they love Rosary coloring pages about Baby Jesus. The Presentation at the Temple is a Joyful Mystery and is the last day of the Christmas season, February 2!

It is the very same day as the Purification of Our Lady and Candlemas Day - due to the blessing of candles at this Mass and we pray for the virtue of purity.

"The Fourth Joyful Mystery, the Presentation in the Temple, for an increase in the supernatural virtue of purity."

Candlemas Day Presentation Coloring Page

5. Finding of Jesus In The Temple

The Finding of Our Lord teaching in the Temple is one of my favorite images of Jesus and we have three Rosary coloring pages to cover this event.

Why? Because I like the expressions on the Temple Fathers' faces: one wondering that a boy can say these things, another with amazement at the good answer he has received, another puzzled - how can this be, while others are pondering their own lives. They look amazed and amused.

More, Our Lady and St. Joseph is there watching and must have been most satisfied to find that He was safe and amazed at His teaching His elders.

Even more, He Himself knew these happy thoughts - from every eternity!

Yes. Lot's of room for meditation. May God grant all our children the grace of obedience to His Will. 

"The Fifth Joyful Mystery, the Finding of Jesus Teaching in the Temple, for an Increase in the Virtue of Obedience to the Will of God."

Stained Glass Jesus Teaching In The Temple Coloring Page

Finding Of Jesus Teaching In The Temple Coloring Page

Church Stained Glass Holy Family Coloring Page

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B. Sorrowful Mysteries Rosary Coloring Pages

Agony In The Garden Coloring Page - First Sorrowful Mystery Rosary Coloring PagesAgony In The Garden
At The Foot Of The Cross Rosary Coloring PagesAt The Foot Of The Cross
Downloadable Catholic Coloring Pages to Print

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See sample coloring pages here.

6. Agony in the Garden Rosary Coloring Pages

The Agony of Jesus is the first Sorrowful Mystery and happened during our Lent on Holy Thursday night after the Last Supper. The children can learn to have a sweet sorrow for Jesus with this Rosary coloring page.

It marks the beginning of Our Lord's Passion as He prepares for His most fearsome death. 

Little ones empathize with His sorrow when you tell the story. I like to use a Bible picture book to make the story more memorable. It's good to mention the story when we're saying the Rosary for better meditation.

"The First Sorrowful Mystery, the Agony in the Garden, for an Increase in the Virtue of Resignation to the Will of God."

Jesus' Agony In The Garden Coloring Page

Stained Glass Agony In The Garden Sorrowful Rosary Coloring Page

7. Scourging of Jesus

This Scourging of Jesus Rosary coloring page is the Second Sorrowful Mystery. Remember the Stations here, too.

When I'm teaching about the events of Lent and Holy Week, I use a children's Bible that has pictures in it. I use it as a photo album for little children with very little detail because they might misunderstand Our Lord enduring the scourging for love of us. It is enough that they feel sorry that He was hurt, so that we can endure our own sufferings better. If I have a good text I will read it to older children and assign it to third through fifth grade children for reading, short essays, or book reports.

This is not exactly a topic that I would spend much time and energy teaching because most children feel sorrow without much explanation. One simple explanation can be enough.

"The Second Sorrowful Mystery, the Scourging of Jesus, for an Increase in the Supernatural Virtue of Mortification."

Stained Glass Second Sorrowful Mystery Of The Rosary Coloring Page

8. Crowning with Thorns

Again the Crowning with Thorns is a most sorrowful topic so read the Catholic Bible stories and move quickly through the story, especially if your children are more moved by Jesus' suffering.

These are helpful for studying Lenten themes, too. See three Rosary coloring pages where two show Jesus Christ with the Crown of Thorns here. "Keep the Man." and pray.

"The Third Sorrowful Mystery, the Crowning with Thorns, for an increase in the supernatural virtue of humility."

Crowning With Thorns Coloring Page

Behold The Man Jesus And Pontius Pilate Coloring Page

Stained Glass Jesus Crown Of Thorns Coloring Page

9. Jesus Carrying the Cross Rosary Coloring Pages

These Sorrowful Rosary coloring pages take our minds and hearts through the evening of Holy Thursday and the day of Good Friday when Jesus died on the Cross. His carrying His own Cross in purposeful silence is the model for how we should carry our own crosses.

The Fourth Sorrowful mystery virtue is that we bear our adversities in patience. We can all do our chores without complaining, we can do our duties well, and we can help others to bear their crosses.

Our minds and hearts see Jesus' example and can move us to imitate Him in our own difficulties.

I like to use a Picture Bible to tell the story of Holy Week to little ones or to read it to older children. Little ones love it when I use the pictures like a photo album. Then when I refer to the story when we are naming the Mysteries, they remember the story better.

This is also a good way to teach the Stations during Lent. Many booklets have pictures about the stations and virtually tell about Jesus' Passion and Death of Our Lord. When you are able to go to the Stations at church, explain that the priest and altar boy go to each station in remembrance of Jesus' sorrowful path to Calvary.

"The Fourth Sorrowful Mystery, the Carrying of the Cross, for an increase in the supernatural virtue of patience in adversity."

Stained Glass Carrying Of The Cross Coloring Page

Jesus Carries His Cross Coloring Page

Jesus' Way Of The Cross Coloring Page

10. Crucifixion of Jesus Christ Rosary Coloring Pages

When Jesus dies on the Cross the sad part is over - except for our own sins. Depending on the catechism subject, explain how Jesus foresaw all our sins and made satisfaction for them - ahead of time. This is the Redemption, it is the answer to the promise to Adam and Eve and all the Old Testament saints.

The idea is to gain the children's gratitude for this great act. It's almost the end of our Lent, our forty days of preparing for Easter.

I think it's important to keep the focus on Jesus' love for us not on the gruesome aspects. Little children certainly do not need to dwell long here. See four Rosary coloring sheets here.

"The Fifth Sorrowful Mystery, the Crucifixion, for an increase in the supernatural virtue of final perseverance and love of our enemies."

Sorrowful Jesus Coloring Page

Stained Glass At The Foot Of The Cross Coloring Page

Praying At The Foot Of The Cross Coloring Page

Stained Glass Jesus Coloring Page

More coloring pages and activities that go with the Sorrowful Mysteries:

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C. Glorious Mysteries - Rosary Coloring Pages

Resurrection of Jesus Rosary Coloring PagesResurrection Of Jesus
Printable Easter Coloring Page - Jesus' ResurrectionEaster Sunday

11. Resurrection Coloring Pages For Easter

Use our Resurrection Pictures from the Glorious Mysteries to teach about the Resurrection of Jesus and Easter.

The Resurrection is the First Glorious Mystery so we ask God to increase the virtue of supernatural Faith. The Resurrection is the proof of our faith that Jesus Christ is God and rose from the dead by His own omnipotent power. We have two Rosary coloring pages of the Resurrection.

"The First Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection, for an Increase in the Supernatural Virtue of Faith."

Printable Resurrection Coloring Page

Alleluia Religious Jesus Resurrection Coloring Page

12. Jesus' Ascension Rosary Coloring Pages

Ascension Thursday is a holy day of bond, forty days after Easter.

The Second Glorious Mystery brings to mind His final moment with us here on earth. I once heard a sermon where Father was amused that after all this the Apostles were still thinking that Jesus was going to establish an earthly kingdom.

It must have been such a disappointment to the Apostles, but we can see that it was necessary that Jesus leave before the Apostles understood that He was truly finished with His mission on earth.

Explain the Ascension in ways that highlight Jesus ascended into Heaven on His own power. No one else can do this but God Himself. This can really add to the wonder that children feel about the Resurrection when they find that Jesus rose from the dead as He said He would, and that He did it by His own omnipotent power.

A picture Bible is a wonderful photo album covering the main stories about Jesus and helps the children remember the main truths of our Faith better. Show that this is both a Rosary Mystery and a holy day of bond. See two Ascension Rosary coloring pictures here.

"The Second Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection, for an Increase in the Supernatural Virtue of Hope."

Ascension Coloring Page

Jesus' Ascension Coloring Page

13. Descent of the Holy Spirit

Pentecost Rosary coloring pages are great to use when teaching the Prayer to the Holy Ghost or praying the Novena to the Holy Ghost. They also make great printables when big brother or sister is receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation and during the Pentecost season.

"The Third Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection, for an Increase in the Supernatural Virtue of Charity."

Prayer To The Holy Ghost Before Confession

This next is my favorite prayer to use before Confession:

Come Holy Ghost

Enlighten my mind

Strengthen my will

That I may know my sentences

Be truly sorry for them

And humbly confess them. Amen.

--Fr. Lassance Missal

Descent Of The Holy Ghost Coloring Page

Pentecost Coloring Page

14. Assumption: Mary Is Assumed Into Heaven

As well as being the Fourth Mystery of the Rosary, the Assumption of Mary is also a Catholic Holy Day of Obligation and falls on August 15 every year. It's been a tricky one for me to remember for some years because I don't have the school schedule to remind me during August. 

The Assumption is the feast that honors the bodily assumption of Our Lady into Heaven.

Everything you can do to explain this feast to your children will help them with final perseverance as the virtue we pray for during the Fourth Glorious Mystery is Union with Jesus Christ. She got to go to Heaven to be with Jesus. Such explanations and stories also increase their love for Jesus and Mary.

Just like the Ascension where we beg God to grant the virtue of supernatural Hope, these Mysteries give us the images we need in order to practice the virtue of hope later in life when we are tempted to despair.

If we are able to say an extra Rosary that day, we try to say the Glorious Mysteries regardless of where the calendar falls for which Mysteries to say. It helps celebrate the feast day and honor Our Lady.

You can print the following St. Anne's Helper's free Rosary coloring pages for teaching the Assumption or learning about Heaven.

"The Fourth Glorious Mystery, the Assumption, for an increase in the supernatural virtue of union with Our Lord Jesus Christ."

Antique Stained Glass Window Assumption Coloring Page

Mary's Assumption Coloring Page

August 15 Assumption Day Coloring Page

Assumption Day Activities

I love many ideas on Catholic Cuisine for feast day desserts. Here is a wonderful activity for the Assumption :

  • Heavenly Assumption Parfaits using Cool Whip and Berry Blue Jello. The Cool Whip holds up better than real whipped cream and the blue and white are perfect for Our Lady's feast day.

There are other Assumption related cloud ideas at Jessica's Shower of Roses .

Catholic Icing  has lovely ideas, too, with a Marian cake, Cloud Cocoa, and Cloud Meringue Cookies.

15. Coronation: The Crowning of Mary

This is a beautiful coloring page to use for any feast of Our Lady, since she has titles like Queen of Heaven and Earth, Queen of Martyrs, and other titles that show her Queenship.

"The Fifth Glorious Mystery, the Crowning of Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth, for an increase in the supernatural virtue of union with Our Lady."

Mary Queen Of Heaven And Earth Coloring Page

Coronation Of Saint Mary Coloring Page

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Mysteries of the Rosary Coloring Book

Disclosure: I show products that I think will help you. If you use my links, I may earn ad commissions at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

I have found a wonderful Rosary coloring book by Daniel Matsui that I think you will love. 

He has hand drawn hundreds of wonderful Catholic pieces in the style of the Medieval artists. Some have a Japanese flair. Every one of his pictures I have seen is beautiful original art. 

A book company asked him if he would put these works together, and I am so happy! I think you and your older children will love this book.

He compiled it from some books he'd made for his children and from many of his larger works. Beautiful!

You can get it at Amazon here

D. Rosary Drawings And People Praying

Picture Of A Rosary Coloring Page

Little ones love to color this rosary their favorite colors.

If you're teaching children how to make a rosary, it's a great idea to have them color this picture first so they can see what color beads or pattern of beads they would like. Some children like:

  • a decade each of five colors with the same or different Our Father beads,
  •  others like a rainbow theme, 
  • and others like the beads the same with a different shade for the Our Father.

Below is a collection of Rosary coloring pages that go along with teaching kids to pray including a praying hands picture.

We also have a praying hands with rosary picture, people praying, and a plain picture of a rosary.

Praying Hands With Rosary

Lady Praying The Rosary

Saint Mary Praying The Rosary Coloring Page

E. Praying Hands Coloring Pages

E.1. Praying Hands Coloring Page

E.2. Antique Praying Hands Coloring Page

E.3. Stained Glass Window And Praying Hands Coloring Page

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F. Convert Rosary Coloring Pages To Greeting Cards

Take a look at the following four Rosary coloring pictures printed at 8.5 x 11 and again at half the size. This way you can use your printer's booklet setting to create printable greeting cards. 

  1. Print coloring sheets for teaching the Bible story about the Descent of the Holy Ghost or about Pentecost
  2. Du kan også use this image to teach about the sacrament of Confirmation or two provide a Confirmation card.
  3. Print this when you're teaching the Third Glorious Mystery of the Rosary.

Most of our coloring printables also have a frame which makes them easy to put in a binder or to color the frame differently. You can also use the frame as a cutting guide for putting your picture on card stock or construction paper. This is an awesome "save" when a little one colors "over the line".

Descent of the Holy Ghost CardUse Printer Booklet Setting
Pentecost Coloring PageTo Make Coloring Sheets
Pentecost Coloring Sheet. Use your printer's booklet setting to choose different sizes for printing coloring pages or cards.Into Greeting Cards
Descent Of the Holy Ghost Upon the Apostles and MaryPentecost or Confirmation Cards

You can also learn how to pray the Rosary with our  Catholic Rosary videos and Rosary Diagrams  below.

Those who are using home school programs will like our Catholic audio books and Catholic homeschool worksheets  for catechism and religion class, too.

We have wonderful Catholic Rosary videos here. They have the words on the screen with beautiful holy card pictures of each mystery.

Little ones and those who are learning how to say the Rosary love these videos.

How to say the Rosary - longer directions.

How To Pray The Rosary

Link to Catholic Rosary Video
Free Catholic Rosary Videos

Saying The Rosary And Other Prayers

The first Catholic prayers that most of us learn are the prayers of the Rosary. Print our free Rosary PDF to learn how to say the Rosary. There are 15 Promises of the Rosary as given by the Blessed Virgin Mary herself. Learn about the 15 Mysteries of the Rosary using our Rosary diagram. The 150 Psalms of the Bible that King David wrote were a model for the 15 decade Rosary. See more about the Catholic Rosary here.

* St. Anne's Helper Catholic Coloring  download has a treasure trove of traditional PDF printable coloring sheets.

* Over 200 specifically Catholic pictures.

* 300+ other fun coloring pictures of animals, seasons, patriotic, Easter and Christmas.

* All grouped into files for your convenience and all interactive.

* See coloring samples.

Rosary Coloring Pages: The Angel Declared Unto Mary - Annunciation Coloring PatgeAnnunciation Rosary Coloring Page

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Stained Glass Window Assumption Of Mary Into Heaven Picture For Kids To ColorAssumption Of Mary Coloring Page

We hope you enjoyed our Rosary coloring pages.

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.