Jesus Walking On Water
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This coloring page shows Jesus walking on water and Simon Peter moving to join Him from the boat with the twelve Apostles. This is another miracle that proved to them that Jesus is God. This PDF prints 8.5x11" single sided.

Print: Jesus Walking On Water Coloring Page 

This coloring page is great for any feast of St. Peter or for teaching about the the miracles of Jesus. 

Jesus Walking On Water Bible Quote

This Bible story happens right after the miracle of the loaves and fishes in the Gospel of Matthew 14:22-33:

14:22 And forthwith Jesus obliged his disciples to go up into the boat, and to go before him over the water, till he dismissed the people.

14:23 And having dismissed the multitude, he went into a mountain alone to pray.  And when it was evening, he was there alone.

14:24 But the boat in the midst of the sea was tossed with the waves: for the wind was contrary.

14:25 And in the fourth watch of the night, he came to them walking upon the sea.

14:26 And they seeing him walking upon the sea, were troubled, saying: It is an apparition.  And they cried out for fear.

14:27 And immediately Jesus spoke to them, saying:  Be of good heart: it is I, fear ye not.

14:28 And Peter making answer, said:  Lord, if it be thou, bid me come to thee upon the waters.

14:29 And he said:  Come.  And Peter going down out of the boat walked upon the water to come to Jesus.

14:30 But seeing the wind strong, he was afraid:  and when he began to sink, he cried out, saying:  Lord, save me.

14:31 And immediately Jesus stretching forth his hand took hold of him, and said to him:  O thou of little faith, why didst thou doubt?

14:32 And when they were come up into the boat, the wind ceased.

14:33 And they that were in the boat came and adored him, saying: Indeed thou art the Son of God.

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