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This Resurrection coloring page shows Jesus on Easter Sunday morning. There is a radiance from the tomb over the hillside in this picture. Jesus rose from the dead on Easter morning "as He said". Rejoice! This PDF prints 8.5x11" single sided.

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Resurrection Of Jesus Tapestry Or Banner

Beautiful Resurrection Tapestry by Jamaie Scott: Alleluia! He is Risen.Jamaie Scott's Resurrection Tapestry

We received a wonderful note and picture from Jamaie Scott of her Resurrection Tapestry. Here is what she said: 

"I used one of your images - the Resurrection Coloring Page - to make a tapestry to display at my church, the Catholic Newman Center in Chico, California.  I was hoping to be able to share an image as well as thank both this website for making the image available.  

Thank you!"

And this note:


I would be honored if you posted my picture, thank you. This was my first time making a project like this, and it is amazing to see it hanging during mass.

I hope you have a wonderful day.


This is astonishingly beautiful! Jamaie, you did an excellent job and your work glorifies Our Lord and I love the details that you have so beautifully included - even to the satin trim on the sides. Thank you very much for sharing this with Saint Anne's Helper.

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