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Last Supper Picture Coloring Page For
First Communion And Holy Thursday 

Lost Supper Coring Page

This stained glass coloring page of the Last Supper picture of Jesus and the Apostles is beautiful!

It teaches kids about Holy Thursday, especially if you read the Bible story that goes with it (John 13).

Also because this was the Apostles' First Communion you can include this as a catechism worksheet for sacrament preparation. This PDF prints 8.5x11" single sided.

Printable Last Supper Picture

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Last Supper Picture Of Holy Thursday

The Last Supper was on Holy Thursday. It's the day Jesus washed the Apostles' feet.

It's also called Maundy Thursday because Jesus gave the Apostles the mandate, or command, to imitate Him in the Washing of the Feet. "For I have given you an example, that as I have done to you, so you do also." (John 13:15)

Last Supper Coloring Page

Use this Last Supper coloring page as a worksheet to tell the story of Jesus' example and how He knew ahead of time and told the Apostles that Judas would betray him that very night. It's good to color Jesus' clothes and hair the lightest in the picture.

In the picture Saint John is the young Apostle on the right close to Jesus and Saint Peter is on the other side. Note that they are looking at Jesus or leaning in His direction.

Slinking away on the left is Judas because he knows that he is the guilty one. Note that he is looking and moving away from Jesus. It's helpful to color his clothes and hair darker than Jesus' and the other Apostles' clothes.

Maundy Thursday Mass

If you have the opportunity to take the children to the Maundy Thursday Mass, do. They love it. Especially when they can sit where they can see what Father is doing.

Read the Bible account or use a Children's Picture Bible or a Bible History book to tell the story of the Last Supper and dress up for Mass to make it special. If you go early enough, you might be able to get a seat near the front or near the aisle, depending where the Washing of the Feet will be.

It's also the night that bishops bless the oils used at Baptism, Confirmation, Ordination, and Extreme Unction as we learn in the Confirmation catechism.

Holy Thursday starts as a joyful night, but then also tell the "rest of the story" when, after the Last Supper, Jesus and the Apostles went to the Garden of Olives to pray and Judas brought the soldiers to take Jesus away. That leads to telling about Good Friday.

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