Trustworthy Catholic Homeschool Books

This page is your Catholic homeschool books short cut! I have waited for years to update this page to be sure to have used these books so I can honestly recommend them to you.

You'll find excellent Catholic books and homeschool publishers. If you choose good books, your lesson plans will be so much easier. Simply turn the page.

I like to update this page so that you can find better books, too. For one thing, Catholic publishers are resurrecting good old books and publishing good new books. The most important thing, though is that they help your family to keep the Faith. Enjoy!

Here's a list of what's on this page:

  1. How to start homeschooling and programs
  2. Supplemental books
  3. Lesson plans
  4. Choosing the best books
  5. Favorite providers
  6. Used books
  7. Ebook downloads
Catholic homeschool books on shelf with more books on desk.Catholic homeschool books make teaching the faith easier. Lepanto, OLVS, TAN Books, and more.

Disclosure: I show products that I think will help you. If you use my links, I may earn ad commissions at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

1. Parents: How To Start Homeschooling With The Best Books

Laura Berquist - Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum

My favorite of all Catholic homeschool books, especially as a "how to find and use manual" is Laura Berquist's Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum (Amazon).

She not only lists many homeschool books to use for academics, she also lists a great way for YOU the teaching parent to use them. This is a great way to start homeschooling or to stop "schooling" at home.

She shows how you can use "real books" rather than text books. This concept alone is worth the price of her book. Some people call this the Great Books method.

One thing I suggest if you want to use this method, do yourself a favor and and use "Catholic" books wherever you can. Simply replace the non-Catholic works with Catholic books.I have spent over twenty years improving our own list. You can do the same.

You will especially love Mrs. Berquist's books if you find that most text books have an agenda that you want to spare your children. Here she shows you how to use your own books whichever books you choose

Theoretically it's a "do not pass go" book.

It can give you ideas you'll use the rest of your life. You will also like her other book, The Harp and Laurel Wreath.

You can learn why I recommend them on my MODG page.

Maureen Whitman: Catholic Homeschool Companion

Maureen also has super great ideas in her book Catholic Homeschool Companion (Amazon). This book gets into the nitty gritty of how to include the spiritual life and training the will into every day:

  • time savers, 
  • special children, 
  • Dads teaching, 
  • academic standards, and even 
  • diocesan requirements for sacramental preparation from parents who have already fought these battles.

Not only does she have several books with good ideas about other books, she's also got Homeschool Connections where your children can take Catholic Online Homeschool classes - even for writing class, Spanish, French, and Latin. Super handy.

Mary Clark - Catholic Home Schooling: A Handbook for Parents

Mrs. Mary Clark is the founder of Seton Home Study.

Again, this is another beginner book for homeschooling parents - or not so beginner. Mrs. Clark shares good ideas about the duty to be sure to provide a room or a specific place for study.

She includes the Church Teachings on the subject of parents as primary educators, too, which are so important and encouraging. See more on my Seton Home Study page.

2. Supplemental Homeschool Books

The different homeschool companies have their own "out of the box" curriculum and I share several below, yet this section is for harder to find books or books you might not have thought of using.

It's religion, history, and literature where we need to be certain that we use good books and teach only the truth. 

Religion? We HAVE to get that right. There's only "one thing necessary" and that's to get to Heaven. Not only us, but also those in our care. It is our duty to continue to instruct our children throughout their lives.

I am glad to share these good books with you and I cannot express how happy I am to have been able to find and use them myself.

The books on this page and the Douay Rheims New Testament are most of what we needed to teach the Faith to our children in high school: Bible (we have an audio on our website), Liturgy, Saints, Catechism (see our own helpful resources).

On thinking of it, the Fr. Lasance Roman Missal alone covers the first three pretty well. No Wite Out necessary. :-)

I encourage you to use only good books with well written prayers, explanations, and proper apologetics.

Seriously, how many pagans, protestants, and new theologians' books can one read without losing the Faith? This is the danger of today's "classical" education. 

Anyway, I hope these lists are helpful to you. It is so hard to find discerning lists without the good recommendations of people that you trust.

  • St. Alphonsus Liguori wrote to the effect that one bad book can ruin a monastery or convent.
  • What about our schools and homes?!

Long story short, here are some helpful ideas that I have used to get around tainted "Catholic" textbooks by using "real" books.

2.A. Catholic Religion Books

* Catholic Catechism

Almost all Catholic homeschool programs choose or use the old Baltimore Catechism books. Several base their program on the Baltimore Catechism.

You as a teacher and parent can use the truths in them to discern whether other books are Catholic or not. 

What are good catechism books for seventh and eighth grade?

You will like these next two treasures for middle school and high school catechism or religion class.

  1. The old translation (Fr. TB in India?) of The Catechism in Pictures (Amazon) was excellent - in spite of scores of typos. (As is so often true, there are places to beware in the glossy new editions.) Discuss this book in seventh grade and use it again with more questions and writing in eighth grade.
  2. DeHarbe's Small and Large Catechisms are excellent. I've read and used both the Small (7th and 8th) and the Large (high school) and did not have to warn the children about anything. No Wite Out necessary.
  3. We have also been very glad to have used The Catechism of the Council of Trent for 11th and 12th grades. Excellent book and plainly written. It includes Bible stories and stories from the lives of the saints.

What are good Catholic homeschool books for high school?

Try these from TAN Books:

  • The Incredible Catholic Mass and The Hidden Treasure will teach the Mass, and a love of the Mass, like no other books I've read.
  • The Sinner's Guide - Fills out the catechism super well, especially on practicing the virtues. Excellent!

These next two books are treasures from Mother of Our Savior Company Traditional Catholic Publishing. They are perfect for 12th grade or graduation gifts if your student is able to read well. (The wording can be flowery with allusions to stories that children may not have read. It is "not without" the use of the double negative. :-)

Otherwise, they're inspiring books for you to read:

  • True Men as We Need Them (Boys) 
  • Mirror of True Womanhood (Girls) 

* Catholic Bible

Our Lady of Victory School puts such a premium on the Douay-Rheims Bible that they've even published their own reprint. I like that it is smaller to hold and uses white paper. Very nice reprint.

Learn more about the best Catholic high school Bible (the Douay-Rheims) here.

* Catholic Missal

You'll find that all the Catholic homeschools recommend daily Mass, if possible, and the family Rosary.

  • Here are some things to consider when choosing a Missal.
  • We have wonderful Rosary coloring pages, diagrams, videos, and worksheets on our Rosary page.

* Catholic Apologetics

Improve your 11th and 12th grade Apologetics and catechetical studies with

2.B. Ancient And Biblical History Books

A book in which I rejoice. Several good friends recommended it to our family:

A Practical Commentary on Holy Scripture (Amazon), Most Rev. Frederick Justus Knecht, D.D.

This book really is a great read aloud for your children as well as a meditative book for you and hubby.

It's rather accusative at wonderful times; for example, "How well do you listen to your mother?" :-) It is very helpful without being condescending.

I read it aloud at the dining room table or in the living room while the high school kids were using the little Knecht Bible History books and our youngest were simply listening.

The other two Knecht books are subsets of this one. Include the whole family in a read-aloud. You'll love it!

We've compared and found that the smaller book is basically a subset of the larger book, but it is so worth it to have the larger one above.

  1. Child's Bible History, by Frederick Knecht D.D. which has lovely line drawn pictures that lend themselves beautifully to coloring.
  2. At first I could not find the other Bible History as Tan Books shows it as if it were written by Ignatius Schuster, D.D.; but they have the same Table of Contents as the Practical Commentary above and the same pictures as the Child's Bible History in #1. Perhaps the Bible part is Schuster's and the Commentary part is Knecht's. 

All three of the above are a nested set that can be used together for family unit studies.

There's also another Bible History (Amazon), (Johnson) that is excellent and will fill out any Ancient History course especially from a cultural and geographic perspective.

2.C. Good American History Books

Catholic Homeschool American History Books - Landmark BooksImprove your Catholic Homeschool American History Classes with some Landmark Books. Put them in order by year.

* Homeschool Catholic American History Books

Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Conquest of Darkness (Amazon), Dr. Warren Carroll is for 10th grade and up due to the gruesome Aztec practices.

The Wonder of Guadalupe: The Origin and Cult of the Miraculous Image of the Blessed Virgin in Mexico (Amazon), by Francis Johnston. 

Garcia Moreno (Dolorosa Press, Fr. Kimball) Of course, our USA details are different from those in Equador, yet it was the very same battle. It's the best "American" history book that I've ever read.

* Secular American History Books

There's a series of old Landmark Books that, by God's grace I bought from a lady on the CathSwap Yahoo group (now, a whole box full. Wonderful series, yet it mostly secular.

I was able to use these books as read alouds while one of our high school students was using a Steton American History of the US Presidents. I simply organized the Landmark books in order of time and read them to the family as she was studying each time period. It was our best history study ever.

I do not trust the series entirely, yet I was able to use the American history stories to good purpose.

Older children and voracious readers will devour the Landmark books, although I sure hope you'll read them first:

  • Hopefully, the new editions are merely reprints and are as good as the early editions.
  • Be warned, there was a book on St. Paul that was not Catholic. 
  • There was a mention of something anti-Catholic in the Paul Revere book involving the Gunpowder plot.

Look what I found! 

* Catholic American History Lesson Plans

As above, I used an old Seton American history book (2006 no longer in print?) as the spline or back bone to the best history year we've ever had.

In a Laura Berquist/Great Books "manner" and as we progressed through the years covered in the book, I'd stop to read a timely Landmark book. The children and I both remember history so much better from the stories.

I had gone through the prefatory pages of each Landmark book to see what time frame it covered, and then wrote the date on the spline of the book as in the photo above.

I stacked the books next to my chair in order by date, oldest on top, and we simply read through the pile. These books are not in order on the shelf in the photo. I have not read the Audubon book. 

It must be that we remember better because the books gave us more information about an event and more ideas to discuss through the day. 

* European History Books

The Sinking of the Bismark and The Rise And Fall of Adolf Hitler, by William Shirer were very well done and great for World War II or European history.

You can find old Landmark Books on Amazon here

The Landmark book on Hitler, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, A History of Nazi Germany by Shirer was very informative and written in a good journalistic style. 

A Heart for Europe (Amazon), Bogle (You can follow up with YouTube videos from Charles and Zita's reign. There are quite a few.)

* Catholic High School History Books Can Be Literature Books, too.

These books are good for high school history and part of Our Lady of Victory School's Catholic Heroes literature series, meaning you could use them for literature books. I did:

Vienna 1683: Christian Europe Repels the Ottomans (Campaign) (Amazon), by Simon Millar.   (reads like a high tech game plan, yet the video fleshes it out excellently)

This Battle of Vienna documentary YouTube video, based on eyewitness accounts was a HUGE help to understanding how the battle was won.

It seemed very good. It told a very similar story to the Vienna 1683 book that OLVS uses and really helped us make better sense of the battle.

On the other hand, it was very good that I had already read most of the book at the time we watched the video because it helped me understand the video better.

At the beginning, the book reads like a war game instruction manual (Axis and Allies?); so it was an unfamiliar format for most of us but the boys. It was actually an excellent format for laying out the lay of the land, describing the characters involved, and showing how hard it was to move troops.

1917 Red Banners White Mantle (Amazon), by Dr. Warren Carroll. (Beware some very bad moments at some points. Do read it yourself first before you assign it. You might want to read the part about Rasputen's death outloud. Dr. Carroll did. :-)

You can show the video of Our Lady of Fatima as she is the White Mantel part of the story. 

AA-1025 The Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle Memoirs of a Communis (Amazon), Marie Carre - Excellent book! We refer to it frequently whenever we need to classify a situation that does not make sense. It sure helps our perspective in these crazy days to know that some people are capable of planning and working for years to destroy the Church, governments, and businesses.

Holding the Stirrup (Amazon), by Baroness Elisabeth von Guttenberg is very readable and gives a lovely perspective of what the ordinary people in Germany were like in World War II.

Catholic Action For Christ Our King has good information for understanding the history of today's situation.

2.D. Catholic Literature Books

* Elementary Catholic Homeschool Literature Books

Books for little ones? That's SOOOO hard. 

I hate the "little boy ran away from home, did something awful, then became a saint" stories as with so many Faith and Freedom readers, some of the Vision series, and even books by Mary Fabyan Windeatt of the Columbia School.

Why teach the children bad or warped stories?

Definitely read the books first.

On the other hand, I have read several from In The Footsteps of the Saints series and have found them to be good. I sure hope that all of the books are as good and would love to have every single one for our grandchildren if they are so good. God bless the family that is reprinting them.

As with all books, read them to see if they suit your family before you give them to your children.

Our Lady of Victory (OLVS) and other Catholic sites are selling them.

*High School Literature Books

These next are very good books for high school and for you to read ahead of time. No qualifications necessary.

OLVS Heroes: Jim Fitzhenry and his excellent books: 

All for the Love of Mothers: Memoirs of a Catholic Midwife (Amazon), by Lisbeth Burger -   (Excellent for you now, and the girls as they "graduate" from high school. Read it before giving to your girls.)

Forty Dreams Of St. John Bosco: From St. John Bosco's Biographical Memoirs (Amazon), by Saint John Bosco -  Excellent for both boys and girls seventh grade and up. Do read it yourself to see it's wonderful power to encourage children to love Jesus and Mary and to practice virtue.

Swords Around the Cross: The Nine Years War: Ireland's Defense of Faith and Fatherland, 1594-1603, (Amazon), by Dr. Timothy O'Donnell - This book tells a super important story about Ireland. Dr. O'Donnell is a descendant of the men and martyrs of the time and tells a very good history.

Excellent book with hardly a modern suggestion (which would be odd since it was so long ago). Dr. O'Donnell is President of Christendom College. Swords Around The Cross makes me think that Shakespeare could NOT have been both Catholic and in Elizabeth's court.

The Scarlet and the Black: The True Story of Monsignor Hugh O'Flaherty, Hero of the Vatican Underground (Amazon), J.P. Gallagher -  (About Msgr. Hugh O'Flaherty). It's like the movie the Scarlet and the Black  but much better. I read the new version while two of our children compared to the old and we only found a few words that had been changed from the British to the American use: lory > truck, etc.

Saint Thomas à Becket, The Holy Blissful Martyr (Amazon),  by Msgr. Robert Hugh Benson - This tells a great life of a saint, St. Thomas of Canterbury. He was a Benedictine in King Henry II's reign.

Stories of Padre Pio (Amazon), by Madame Katharina Tangari - Wonderful descriptions of the advice Padre Pio gave, some miracles, and the towns in Italy and the surrounding areas where Padre Pio lived. My favorite was about the Monk in the air stopping the whole air squadron from bombing his Monastery. Big surprise for the General!

Blessed Miguel Pro: 20th Century Mexican Martyr (Amazon), by Ann Ball, July 1, 1996. - Fast action story of the life of Fr. Miguel Pro. Small book for light assignments. (NOTE Well: The old TAN book carries the good note that his Provincial warned the Jesuits not to participate in certain activities, page 54. It is a warning that shows the danger in some presentations of the Cristeros. Beware the freemasonic influence in some versions of the story.) It is one of the best Catholic homeschool books for boys, especially if they like a short story.

Another book that is excellent is To Quell the Terror: The Mystery of the Vocation of the Sixteen Carmelites of Compiegne Guillotined July 17, 1794 (Amazon), Bush - the real story of the Song at the Scaffold and covers the principles of the Revolution. It showed the origin of some of the same phrases that new catechisms use: supreme being, et al. Very helpful!

To Quell the Terror is at a higher reading level, yet well worth the effort especially for you the teacher to understand the French Terror on an academic yet genuinely "real life" way. 

I used many of Our Lady of Victory School's books for their literature program in our history courses. Either add these for your voracious readers or combine history and literature to lighten the load for reluctant readers.

The book The Cure D'Ars: St. Jean-Marie-Baptiste Vianney (Amazon), by Trochu. It answers many education problems. It is an excellent book for parents, priests, and aspiring priests, 12th grade and above.

An excellent Catholic homeschool book is Trochu's book on St. Bernadette Soubirous: 1844-1879 (Amazon). It's not hard to read except for the French names and locations. Also, it's like two different lives, the first being her early years surrounding the visions and the second being a very good look at her religious years.  Excellent for those discerning a religious vocation. 11th and 12th grade and up.

Not high school, yet I think you'll like St. Bernard of Clairvaux: Oracle of the Twelfth Century, Abbe Ratisbonne. I'd often wondered some of the philosophy questions and Crusade questions that this book answers.

Generally, I have avoided using nearly all the socialist Anglican "converts":

  • John Cardinal Newman, 
  • Hillaire Bellock, 
  • G. K. Chesterton, GKC, 
  • Charles Dickens, 
  • Msgr. Robert Hugh Benson (Yes, Robert Hugh Benson had an odd book on the priesthood - even Cardinal Wiseman's book Fabiola needs to be read with caution for new theology, rabble rousing, and civil disobedience elements), 
  • Doyle's Sherlock Holmes books (Doyle was into the occult and used a seance in Hound of the Baskervilles).

There are other Anglican and socialist convert writers and other "converts" that I avoided too (Jacques Maritain, et al) whose conversions did not seem entirely complete. Whenever a theme confuses me, I choose fully Catholic book for homeschool.

Children can study these "greats" after they've learned the basics, if they want.

2.E. Catholic High School Reading Books

You can find other Catholic literature to expand your literature program.

You can also expand your homeschool to the books that your children can read during the summer either to catch up, stay current, or just for fun.

Saint Anne's Helper Audio Baltimore Catechism CDs and downloads.
Catholic Coloring Pages To Print Ebook

Use the Baltimore Catechism?

Disclosure: I show products that I think will help you. If you use my links, I may earn ad commissions at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

3. Catholic Homeschool Books And Lesson Plans 

For those of us who are new to homeschooling it is good to have a list of providers that have put together complete Catholic homeschool programs. At the beginning it is very good to use their boxed lesson plans.


Well, the lesson plans are like homework assignments.

They not only tell your children which assignments to finish in which time frame, they also, and importantly, tell them which pages to skip. Some warn you, the teacher or parent, of problematic information in the books.

Sometimes text books have odd exercises or too many exercises, and it is good to use the time tested wisdom and experience of the Catholic homeschooling companies to sort the good from the bad or the "too much" from the "too little".

Many homeschool lesson plans offer book lists for extra reading and activities to enhance learning certain subjects. These are hard to find if you do not know that they exist ahead of time.

As you grow through homeschooling your first years, you will begin to have a feel for not only what is truly Catholic, but also what works for your family and your individual children.

You'll find lesson plans and many good Catholic books at:

  1. Our Lady of Victory School (OLVS)
  2. Seton Home Study School
  3. Mother of Divine Grace (MODG)
  4. Kolbe Academy
  5. Catholic Heritage Curricula (CHC)

What's truly exciting is to find unequivocally good Catholic books where the only lesson plan necessary is "to turn to the next page"! The purpose of this page is to show you where to find these treasures.

This following page recommends many Catholic providers of homeschool books in a long list below. You'll appreciate the good advice and short cuts that these providers offer. 

Go to my favorite homeschool reading books per grade here.

If you're just beginning, Laura Berquist's lists can save you time and money through years of researching and buying books. "Get the idea" and input your own books.

4. Reliable Catholic Homeschool Books

Family using Catholic Homeschool Books

You'll find that the most reliable Catholic homeschool books are based on the Roman Catholic beliefs as found in the Douay-Rheims Bible and the old Baltimore Catechism. You'll find that if a book passes this litmus test it's a good book.

If a book uses quotes from the Douay-Rheims Bible it is likely to be a very good Catholic book - especially if it was written in the late twentieth century when authors knew to discern between the many "Bibles" that claim to be Catholic. My favorite sources are Lepanto Books at OLVS, TAN Books, and Baronius Press.

There are certain Bible quotes that stand out as helpful indicators. Double check the chapter and verse when it is given. See indicative Catholic Bible quotes here.

In general my favorite homeschool books are:

A question may be, "Where do I find these good Catholic Homeschool books?" See my favorite book stores below.

5. Our Favorite Catholic Homeschool Book Providers 

Lepanto Press At OLVS Books

Lepanto Press is a family Catholic book publishing company that has been noted for using the old Baltimore Catechism and reprinting old Catholic books and textbooks. 

They have published their own original copybooks with theme based content.

Their Catholic homeschool curriculum also has wonderful lesson plans available.

Here is what they say: "From the beginning, OLVS stressed Religion as the common thread throughout the curriculum, with an accent on the history of the Church. We have also emphasized the importance of good Catholic literature, and we are revising our Music program to teach young children the appreciation of Folk, Classical, and Sacred Music, including polyphony and chant."

Catechism and Religion Books

For years OLVS based their Catholic religion books on the 1885 Baltimore Catechism. They have reprinted the Living My Religion series for elementary school.

Your children will love the sweet drawings and you will love the good content. These can be used as a grade level reader series for the first few years.

Catholic History and Literature Books

My favorite books at OLVS are the new Catholic history and literature "real books". Start by seeing their El Cid and Saint Fernando III by James Fitzhenry. They have lesson plans for each of his books, too.

Lepanto Math Workbooks

Their K-3 Math is now in excellent workbook form. All the best features of the old books they used to use are combined into handy and comprehensive Lepanto Math Workbooks. Our youngest child had much better work than four other math books that we tried.

Our Lady of Victory School uses Saxon Math for 5th-12th grade. I want to mention that the homeschool Saxon math books are worth their weight in gold. They're so much easier to use than the old hard bound books, especially since the Lesson numbers are included next to each problem for easy reference.

Handwriting Practice Books

They have lovely Catholic handwriting books that cover Catholic themes and coordinate with their spelling program and other books, so that each year has complementary reinforcement.

For example:

  • During the American history year the speller covers American history subjects. 
  • During the European history year, the speller covers many European subjects.

Homeschool Science Books

OLVS uses many of the same science books as other Catholic homeschools, especially for high school.

The grade school science books are sweet, yet some of the information is dated.

The main thing you'll want to know is that many of the companies have audio CDs of the text books. This is super handy for those students who find it hard to read an 8x11x2" book. There are also journals and lab related resources.

Find Lepanto at Our Lady of Victory School:

Lepanto Press
421 S. Lochsa Street
Post Falls, ID 83854

Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery Books

Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery offers an excellent supply of unusual Catholic homeschool books highlighting Benedictine spirituality.

They have excellent selections for the study of Latin and calligraphy that we have not seen anywhere else. They are now also a Catholic book publishing company!

Their website has a PDF of their catalog that is well worth the manual request. They are also happy to take your order by phone.

Their book list is well focused and has many rare finds.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery
142 Joseph Blane Road
Silver City, New Mexico, 88061-9799

Catholic Vitality Publications

Saint Fernando III book by James Fitzhenry

Catholic Vitality Publications is a Catholic family business where Jim Fitzhenry writes and sells great Catholic literature. Their family's original art tells the story in each of their Catholic Homeschool Books.

Here is what they say: "Catholic Vitality Publications is dedicated to bringing the Roman Catholic faith and traditions to children. Learning to Love God is a children's book with 49 beautiful color illustrations to inspire your child to a greater love of God!

See and order El Cid and Saint Fernando III, brilliant living history literature at Our Lady of Victory School. Breathtaking Catholic adventure in true historical settings teach the details like no textbook can!

El Camino Real Books & Gifts

El Camino Real has wonderful Catholic books, gifts, holy cards, and much more.

We found this company years ago when we were searching for The Catechism In Pictures (69 Large Full Color Plates).

El Camino's book publishing company has published the old De la Salle Readers, the crown in their book selection! I had not known that these were in print.

The DelaSalle Readers are excellent old Catholic books, a rare find. We love the pedagogy in the front of the books. A truly Catholic "McGuffy-type" reader set. We now have our own antique set!

They have and recommend many other good Catholic homeschool books as well like the incomparable New Missal Latin series of textbooks and teacher manuals.

Here is what they say: "El Camino Real is a Catholic book store dedicated to spreading and publishing classic traditional Catholic books for individuals, families, and home school families who want to learn more about the liturgy of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Church doctrine, scripture, bible study, theology, apologetics, devotions, the saints, Catholic literature and the spiritual life."

El Camino Real
PO Box 84
Thompsons, TX 77481

Neumann Press (With TAN Books 2013)

Neumann Press is (was) a Catholic book publishing company that has excellent Catholic homeschool books, especially if you are using Laura Berquist's method or are unschooling.

They had a two book set for Homeschool advice in particular. Some of the most precious books for children were at this site.

They republished Our Holy Faith Vol. 2, Jesus Comes which is the backbone of St. Anne's Audio First Communion Catechism and Catechism CopybookIt is an excellent book with modest and delightful pictures to go along with some bible stories and the Baltimore Catechism.

When Mr. Dennis McCoy died, TAN Books bought the company in 2013.

Here is what they said:

"The Neumann Press is named after Saint John Neumann, bishop of Philadelphia (1851 to 1860), the first man from the United States of America canonized by the Church. Our goal and primary purpose is to republish orthodox, traditional and classic Catholic books that have gone out of print."

Neumann Press
21892 County 11
Long Prairie, MN 56347

TAN Books

Tan Books is another Catholic book publishing company that had made a phenomenal effort to republish truly excellent Catholic homeschool books, again, especially if you are using Laura Berquist's method or are unschooling.

My absolute favorite book on their whole list is A Practical Commentary On Holy Scripture. It combines the Bible and the catechism. Their Child's Bible History and Bible History book are very good too.

They also publish or sell excellent editions of the Douay-Rheims BibleThe Catechism of the Council of Trent, and the Catholic Daily Missal (makes a great "Thought for the day" book).

We have been grateful to use The Catechism of the Council of Trent with our high school children, it is plain spoken, easy to read, and one of our favorite Catholic homeschool books for high school.

Read what they say: "TAN Books and Publishers was founded by Thomas A. Nelson in 1967, when the problems developing in the Church were clear and becoming more severe. Many Catholic publishers such as Benziger and Bruce were getting out of Catholic publishing. Mr. Nelson recalls that at age 30, after studying politics and world events, he concluded that the only way to turn around the political situation in the U.S. and the world was through spiritual means. He believed that if enough people were living in the state of grace and striving to do God's will, then, “for the sake of the elect,” God would “run interference” for the just in the social and political arena, according to Proverbs 21:1: “The heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord: whithersoever he will he shall turn it.”

We pray that his successors continue to glorify God in this way.

TAN Books & Publishers
PO Box 410487
Charlotte, NC 28241

TAN's Definitive Catholic Catechisms and Doctrine

Disclosure: I show products that I think will help you. If you use my links, I may earn ad commissions at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

If you are not required to use the Baltimore, check out the old version of DeHarbe's Catechism at Amazon. The Small Catechism is for Communion preparation and The Large Catechism is for the rest of us. No Wite-Out necessary. :-)

Deharbe's Large Catechism

Catechism of the Bible, Douay Version (Amazon)

A Practical Commentary On Holy Scripture combines the Bible and the catechism. I wish all books were this good.

Child's Bible History (elementary) and Bible History book (high school) are excellent for catechism class.

6. Used Homeschool Books

Many of the homeschool book sellers on this page will sell or rent their used homeschool books which can save you time and money.

  • Time because you do not have to search other sites and resources.
  • Money because the books are less expensive and can go in the same box as the rest of your curriculum. Anytime you can get books in one shipment you can save shipping costs.

Preserving Christian Publications

Preserving Christian Publications, or PCP, has thousands of old titles for Catholic homeschool. They both sell old classics or Catholic secondhand books and are also publishing reprints of out of print books.

Do call to see if they have, or can help you find, antique books, Church books, and rare editions. They are super helpful, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.

Preserving Christian Publications
P.O. Box 221 12614 Route 46
Boonville, New York 13309
United States

Call: 1-315-942-6617

Amazon Used Homeschool Books

Of course, Amazon is a great source for used books. 

Ebay Used Homeschool Books

And Ebay often has more selection of older and newer used books.

A Trick To Finding More Used Books

Sometimes it is simply best to search the world wide web for the exact title you seek. Use the browser bar.

This way you can find the best price and perhaps even a better version or binding.

You might also find explanatory reviews or local dealers.

After searching or calling PCP Books; try Abe Books, Biblio, and other used book sellers often sell wonderful Catholic homeschool books. It is often best to go directly to book sites to search; so give that a try if you have a particular book in mind.

7. Catholic Homeschool eBooks For Catechism

St. Anne's Helper Catechism 

There are different versions of the Baltimore Catechisms, so you do need to be aware of this; but in general most editions concur with each other.

Catholic Audiobooks and Catholic Worksheets Copybooks use the Baltimore Catechism for First Communion and Confirmation. These Catholic audio books help make the effort of teaching and the effort of learning much easier, especially if you want your students to memorize the answers.

What's also nice is that they concur with any Catholic catechism course even those that use the New Saint Joseph First Communion Catechism and the Baltimore Catechism like

Here is a list of my favorite Catholic books for summer reading.

Order St. Anne's Helper Catholic homeschool ebooks here! Homeschool eBooks

Oh! When you want to check out old editions or copy and paste for research, is a huge help finding ebooks that are helpful for homeschool.

You can also find old pages on websites if you use the Wayback Machine.

Adoremus Catholic Home School Books

Tom at has taken down his website; yet in case he ever puts it back online and because he was good to carry our St. Anne's Helper First Communion and Confirmation Audio CDs, I'll keep this entry.

They offered a great variety of Catholic homeschooling books of art, games, movies, music, and other educational resources for children and families and for Catholic homeschooling.

My favorite from their selection is Andrew Pudewa's IEW - Teaching Writing Structure and Style. This will take your writing classes from K-12. A real treasure for any writer, not just school children.

Here is what they said: "Adoremus Books (Latin for "Let Us Adore!") carries a broad selection of top quality books and resources designed to enrich your Catholic home from the Fathers of the Church to the great writers of today, Adoremus Books has something for everyone."

The Tom Heldridge Family
Frederick Square Shopping Center
2992 S. 84th St.
Omaha, NE 68124
402-502-3162, or toll-free at 888-392-1973

Audio Baltimore Catechism, Catholic Worksheets, Catholic eBooks, and Catholic Coloring Pages:

Catholic catechism resources for your Roman Catholic catechism class, Faith formation, Catholic homeschool, religious education, or Sunday school lessons. Save on bundles!

Order our Baltimore Catechism worksheets. Choose your favorite fontscolors, and SIZES on our fillable digital interactive worksheets and coloring pages. Paperless or printable.

First Communion Preparation Baltimore Catechism No. 1 For Children And Adults - Or get the bundle.

Baltimore Catechism Communion single or bundled downloads: audio, ebooklet, and digital worksheets for kids and adults. Verbatim text in all formats. 

Baltimore Catechism Confirmation Preparation: Audio, Worksheets, eBooklet - or all 3 bundled.

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