Catholic Confirmation Names

Confirmation Names For Men And Women, Boys And Girls

Your choice of Catholic Confirmation names says something about you. Choosing saints names for Confirmation is the rule and assures that you have a good model to follow in life.

Better, it gains you a special patron who will be praying for you while you try to imitate your patron's virtues. See these ideas below:

  1. Use saints names.
  2. Children.
  3. Adults.
  4. More ideas.
  5. Parents and sponsors.
  6. Where to search.
  7. Baptism too.
  8. Prayers.
  9. Who's next?

1. Use Catholic Saints Names For Confirmation.

Your confirmation name shows your devotion to this particular saint, or that you want to imitate that saint's virtues by choosing that name.

How can you gain these great graces? Be confirmed, pray, and keep the Ten Commandments. That's most of it. Really.

If you are fortunate enough to have the great grace to be able to receive Confirmation, go for it. You will be eternally grateful.

Catholic Confirmation Names: Lives of the Saints help you choose the best name for you.Catholic Confirmation Names

If you have the opportunity to be confirmed, prepare well and be confirmed as early as your bishop allows.

Confirmation grants you the graces necessary to meet the moral challenges that we all face at home, school, and work. 

  • The studies prepare our intellect and will, 
  • The prayers dispose our minds and hearts, 
  • And the sacrament grants us the grace of a stronger intellect and a stronger will.

2. Choosing Catholic Confirmation Names

2.A. Saints Books Have Confirmation Names

First, study a lives of the Saints book that covers many saints. This has so many names with nice explanations.

Ahead of time.

This is important.

It's good to read about many saints previous to the year that you are studying to be confirmed. By studying or reading about many saints, you have the time and variety to to be able to find your favorite names or to develop a particular devotion.

After reading a selection of saints, you can choose the names of Catholic saints that appeal to you, inspire you, or resemble some aspect of your life.

2.B. Catholic Calendars Have Confirmation Saint Names

You can also check a Catholic calendar for a saint's name that is near

  1. your birthday, or 
  2. your Confirmation day 
  3. or according to their feast days

Sometimes there are more than one for every day of the year, so you will want to consult a Butler's Lives of the Saints sort of book that gives you a list per date.

Another book that is in order by date is a Catholic Missal. You can see the saints section of your Missal for names near your special day.

The booklet "Is It A Saint's Name" is also very helpful.

2.C. Catholic Confirmation Names For Children

* Where To Find Saints Names For Confirmation?

If you're a student and suddenly the Sister in your Catholic Confirmation class asks, "Which patron saints have you considered for your Confirmation name?"

Or, "Please write a report on your patron saint for Confirmation. It will be due in three weeks."

How do you begin?

Pray first.

Father or Sister have probably taught you the "Prayer to the Holy Ghost".

Prayer to the Holy Ghost Before Reading The Bible

  • Come, Holy Ghost, fill the hearts of Thy faithful and enkindle in them the fire of Thy love.
  • Send forth Thy spirit and they shall be created. And Thou shalt renew the face of the earth.
  • Let us pray.
  • O God, Who didst instruct the hearts of the faithful by the light of the Holy Ghost, grant us by the same Spirit to have a right judgment in all things and ever to rejoice in His Consolation through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

It is a Confirmation prayer that helps any project. Remember, God gives the increase!

Then remember the many saints you've already studied.

* Choose A New Patron Saint

If Sister goes by the old Baltimore Catechism, she will recommend that you choose a new patron saint, different from your name and middle name so you have more saints guiding and protecting you.

  • Ask your parents, family, and Godparents if they have an idea of a saint that matches your personality.
  • Ask Sister to recommend a book of saints as above.

Then follow Sister's directions for the report.

* Choose Your Baptismal Name

If Sister suggests that you use your given name to better honor your Baptismal patron saint the going is easier.

  • If you do not already know your patron saint, simply ask your parents or Godparents which patron is your namesake. For example, there are many Saint Annes, Michaels, and Stephens, etc.
  • Then find a book or two to learn the main details of his or her life and virtues. 

Then follow Sister's directions for the report.

* Baltimore Catechism Confirmation Resources

If your students are young, you might like printing Confirmation coloring pages for class when they are choosing their patronal names.

If you're a catechist and would like to have Confirmation worksheets and practice quizzes check out our Confirmation download here.

Saint Anne's Helper Confirmation Catechism is the best that I know to help your children learn the actual prayers and the answers.

The Confirmation Preparation ebook has the Baltimore Catechism questions and answers that are helpful no matter which Catholic catechism program you use and has some coloring pictures.

It has the same verbatim prayers and answers in audio or worksheet form which makes it easier to memorize the prayers and answers as well as to write them well when preparing for a quiz.

* Confirmation Names For Girls

Some old saints books are divided into sections for male and female saints names. My favorite book of saints' names has a list for each: Is It A Saint's Name?

Confirmation names for girls are easy if you search for the female saints.

Often you can search a list for the root "vir" to find women saints' names. This is super easy electronically as you can use Ctrl F/Cmd F to search a page.

You can use masculine names, yet

  1. Also add feminine endings, or
  2. Add a Marian name, (ex.: St. John Marie Vianney) or
  3. Hyphenate with a feminine name.

* Confirmation Names For Boys

Confirmation names for boys are easier to find by searching a saints list for the terms

  • Pope
  • Bishop
  • Confessor

Again, my favorite book of saints' names has a list for men's saint names: Is It A Saint's Name.

2.B. Choosing Catholic Confirmation Names For Your Children

If you're helping your own children, you'll really like using a picture book of saints when your children are young.

The picture can help your child see the virtue that he or she could benefit by using. Kids can often see much of the story at a glance.

The short stories usually tell the main points that a young child would need to know. I also like using to find older books in their entirety. 

Then find appropriate books if your older children are required to write book reports for Confirmation class.

3. Catholic Confirmation Names For Adults

Confirmation gives you the weapons necessary to fight your own faults, the devil, the flesh and the world. Your patron saints can help you win this spiritual battle.

The more Roman Catholic saints with which you are familiar, the better you can choose a Confirmation name.

More importantly, knowing the trials and victories the saint has conquered makes it easier for you to keep the faith in the long run. You can remember, "Oh, he or she did it. With God's grace, so can I." Confirmation strengthens us in final perseverance, meaning that it's an awesome help toward getting to Heaven.

You can choose a saint who conquered what might give you most trouble persevering, otherwise known as your dominant fault. That way you'll have a good reminder to pray to this particular patron saint.

Usually you will need to read about several saints in order to learn about enough saints to make a good choice; so begin to read saint stories early. Even short stories are very helpful and can save you time. 

A child's saints book is a huge help as it covers many saints in a relatively short book, so you can briefly see many choices before you choose a larger book.

I am not kidding. Using a child's book is a short cut that adults often overlook.

You can also read the short stories in the Catholic Encyclopedia or Butler's Lives Of The Saints. 

  • Note well: I do not recommend Thurston or Attwater's versions of Butler's Lives. These authors are known to have been revisionists and, at times, seem not to believe what they themselves wrote. 

You'll love this version of Butler's Lives of the Saints (Kindle, Hardback, or paper back). Each story is concise, and the book is encyclopedic in covering the several saints on each day of the year. 

Otherwise, ask your sponsor or the priest what their recommendation is. You can ask a friend which stories fit you.

Audio books on the saints are another good idea, especially while driving, exercising, or doing chores.

4. More About Adult Catholic Confirmation Names

Choosing amongst Catholic Confirmation names can require much study when you search for that perfect patron saint. It's easy when you know a few resources.

The real "list" is a subset of the list of Catholic saints names since we choose from this list. It's huge! Not even a Missal or Martyrology covers all the saints names.

You can choose any saint, although it is customary for men to choose masculine names and ladies to choose feminine names.

Prayer makes this decision easier. Saint Anthony is great for "finding" things. Ask him to help.

  • If you choose your own saint's name, you can read a collection of saints lives to find your particular patron saint, or one that has the same name. There are many Peters, Michaels, Johns, etc.
  • If you choose your long time favorite name try to find if it was a saint's name and what that saint was like, or if there is a saint by the same name that has a story that matches your own life. For example: There are many St. Johns, yet not so many Felixes.
  • Look at a liturgical calendar to see what saints are near an important date for you: birthday? Confirmation day?
  • Ask your pastor, family, and friends if they have suggestions. Sometimes they know the perfect story for you.

Remember that you do not have to study loads and loads of books. Just enough to give you an idea of different saints so you can choose a particular saint with the virtue that you want to have.

Once you've chosen a saint, then you can then focus on books about that saint as well as books written by that saint.

The main thing is to read a good Confirmation catechism, pray to your patron saint, and live the truths it teaches. 

You can also use our audio Confirmation catechism as a short cut. 

Saint Anne's Helper Audio Baltimore Catechism CDs and downloads.
Catholic Coloring Pages To Print Ebook

Use the Baltimore Catechism?

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5. Confirmation Parents And Sponsors

If you're a parent, as above, I really recommend having your children study the saints lives during the year previous to their Confirmation year. 

We learned this a bit late with our oldest child, so the rest of our children benefited a bit more.

It's good to help them choose their Catholic Confirmation names early.

It does not have to take a great deal of study. 

If they're young, or reading is not their forte, read the stories to them. There's nothing more special than family reading time especially when you're learning about the saints. It gives you time to stop to teach what you want them to know and for them to ask you questions.

5.A. Catholic Schools 

Your local Catholic schools should have an abundance of books and your librarian can be helpful in finding the books for you.

Often they can use an inter-library loan system to find appropriate books. Nowadays public libraries are fairly good at helping you find books that they do not have on the shelves. 

5.B. Catholic Homeschool

All of the above applies in homeschooling, yet you have an advantage of being able to combine catechism classes. Your little ones might be better prepared over time, if you include them in some of the Confirmation preparation. 

6. Where To Find Catholic Confirmation Names

6.A. Catholic Bible And Calendars

Reading a list of Roman Catholic saints as an excellent place to start.

  • Think of Bible names: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Peter, Paul, etc.
  • Check your Catholic calendar.
  • Choose from your Missal, the saints days are usually in the back.
  • Read Is It A Saint's Name.
  • It can be good to choose a name from an from your favorite religious order: Dominic, Francis, Teresa, Therese, etc. They each have their own spirituality.

6.B. Catholic Saint Books

Even for adults, a child's book of saints can be a great way to get to know the main story about many saints so that you have more saints to choose for your Confirmation name.

My favorite children's book is the Children's Picture Bible which you can get at Amazon. Thumb through it for good ideas.

These are ideas to help you find a saint who has:

  • The virtue that is opposite your main fault.
  • The virtue that you admire most in others.
  • The story you identify with most in other ways.
  • The feast day of your Confirmation day, Baptismal day, or birthday.

It is good to listen to what your parents or teachers recommend. 

  • They often know you well enough to make good suggestions for names and books.
  • They are usually more familiar with the lives of the saints and their virtues. 

7. Roman Catholic Saints - Baptism And Confirmation Names

The Bishop is the Ordinary Minister of Confirmation.

If you're getting baptized at the same time, these ideas are useful and you might like to learn about  

8. Learning The Confirmation Prayers and Answers

Pray, not only to find a good Confirmation name; but also keep your Confirmation preparation as an intention in all your prayers, so that you gain more graces.

  • Learning the Confirmation prayers and praying them grants us more graces and can help to make our faith stronger.
  • Learning the answers and using them in real life makes it easier to discern between right and wrong every day.

We recommend using the Baltimore Catechism Confirmation questions as they have the easiest answers to memorize.

You can use Saint Anne's Helper Confirmation downloads to make it even easier.

9. Who's Next To Be Confirmed?

Do unto others! Let your brothers and sisters, relatives and friends know that it is a good idea to read saint stories ahead of time. So many times we arrive in class and wish that we had read more before we arrived. 

It took me four children to get this figured.

So many times, the children had to choose their Confirmation name at the beginning of the school year. That's way too soon if you're not already familiar with the saints.

We hadn't been studying many saints the year before or during the summer before our first child's Confirmation year. None of us had been thinking of Confirmation names ahead of time.

You'll do well to help them start studying on their own during the year previous to their Confirmation year. It can be as easy as talking about the different saints, especially on their feast days; or reading books together. 

Basically, children should be learning about saints all throughout their lives, especially as the liturgical year reminds us of so many that we can simply mention the saint of the day.

If you practice devotions in your home or classroom, your children or students will already have an idea of the kind of saint they'd like to study.

  • Put out the statues and pictures that you have. 
  • Make a vignette with candles and flowers.

These things make the day special and pique children's interest. 

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