Unique Rosaries Made By Dominican Teaching Sisters Idaho, USA

Unique Rosaries of Semi Precious Stone, Glass, and Wood

These inexpensive unique rosaries make it easy to pray the Catholic Rosary and come in a large variety of shapes, sizes and colors. From horn to wood and from semi-precious stones to glass. Something for everyone! They can be used for any chaplet that counts five or ten beads, too.

I'm updating these pages as the Sisters change what's available. They are very happy to help you with your purchase by phone: 208-773-7598 

Dark Blue Rosary with clip

Glass Rosaries  There are several different kinds of glass beads and many different colors!  See the Glass Rosary Collection here.

Semi-Precious Stone Rosaries

Semi Precious Stone Rosaries Have a favorite semi-precious stone? Check out our Stone Rosaries to see if the Dominicans have your favorites! Agate, Carnelian….

Wooden Rosaries - Hand made rosaries

Wooden Rosaries Everyone needs a good old wooden rosary! From red-dyed wood to a real olive wood rosary and many in between! Nothing feels as nice as real wood. See all Wooden Rosaries here!

Hand Made Rosaries - Bone and Horn

Bone and Horn Hand Made Rosaries - Bone and Horn. Dominican sisters and their students make these rosary chaplets. They come with a clip for belt or backpack. White or black. These white and black rosaries are perfect for Confirmation and First Communion gift ideas!

What Are Memory Rosaries?

Memory Rosaries are unique and are great for gifts for that special time in your family's or friends' lives. Why?

Memory Rosaries are very special rosaries. Do you ever get interrupted in the middle of praying your Rosary? The phone rings, you get to the place you to which you were driving, etc.;  and then when you come back you can't remember where you were in the Rosary!

Don’t worry, it happens to all of us! That is why the Dominican Teaching Sisters of Idaho have started making a "new" rosary to help us with our busy lives to squeeze in praying more Rosaries.

These lovely gifts can be ordered at the phone number and address at the different links below next to the list of different kinds of rosaries.

So you might be wondering what is a Memory Rosary ?
What makes these unique rosaries unique? 

Well, take a look at the picture to the right. The first thing you will see is that it is not in the traditional shape of the rosary and is shaped more like a chaplet. This makes it so that it is smaller and easier to carry.

The next thing you might notice is that it has a clip on the end. You might ask what is that for? Just stop and think a moment: have you ever wished you could hook your rosary onto something?  How about your purse or backpack?

There are two different kinds of clips for these rosaries. The one is smaller and works well for clipping onto smaller things like purse straps and some smaller belt loops. The other is a bigger clip that is great for clipping onto backpacks and things in your car.

These rosaries are also made on a special chord so that the beads on the rosary cannot slide around on their own; you have to pull them. This, I think, is the greatest feature of these rosaries! The rosary remembers where you were praying!  Isn't that awesome? No more getting half-way through the rosary and then having to start over because you dropped your rosary or got interrupted.

Also another unique feature is that these are hand made rosaries. 

The Different Parts Of A Memory Rosary

These hand made rosaries start with a Crucifix. On all of the green rosaries come a beautiful  Celtic Cross. (A great gift for all your Irish, and Irish-at-heart, friends!) On the glass white-heart turquoise rosaries are beautiful cut-work crosses with a picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe on them.  Then after the Cross are 10 beads for the Hail Marys and then one Our Father bead and five more beads to help you keep track of which decade you are praying. The rosary then ends in a handy little clip to easily attach it to whatever you like.

Where are the three Hail Marys at the beginning? 

After you pray the Apostle's Creed at the Crucifix, separate the five bead section to say the first Our Father and three Hail Marys. Then slide all five beads to one end to use as counters for each of the five mysteries. Removing these beads shortens this unique rosary so that it hangs in shorter spaces and fits in smaller spaces. The stiff cord holds the beads in their places till you move them.

The Story Behind The Rosaries

Every great product has a great story! The great story for Memory Rosaries began with a search for the right Christmas gift for the boarding girls' Christmas party at the school. Every year, right before Christmas vacation the twelfth graders host a very nice Christmas Vigil party and then at the end everyone comes out to see a beautiful Christmas tree with little gifts for everyone! What would be the gift this year?  This year the gift was a unique rosary that was shaped like a little chaplet.

Where Did They Come From?
Whose Idea Was It? 

Well, Mother Prioress had seen a girl that had a very similar rosary and thought that that it would make very nice gifts for the girls. So after many long searches on the internet and not finding what they were looking for the Sisters decided that they would make them instead. So at the boarders' Christmas Party they hung them on the Christmas tree and then passed them out to the girls. They were a huge hit and everyone loved them. Family and friends began to request them for themselves. Thus was born the great new product: Memory Rosaries!

Choose your favorite rosaries and use the order form and phone number on these pages:

These unique rosaries make great gifts! There are so many special occasions in one's life. Why not help keep these memories with a rosary to remember the day! I still cherish the rosaries that I received on my First Communion and other special days. Rosaries make perfect gifts! You can never have too many rosaries. 

Click on an image to see a gallery of many of these rosaries.

  • $12 each
  • Fill out the printable order form
  • - or -
  • Call the convent: 208-773-7598
  • Dominican Sisters
  • 20274 W. Riverview Dr
  • Post Fall, ID 83854

Note: You will be calling a convent and school please call between 8am and 8 pm Pacific time. Thank you. +

See more hand made rosaries here: